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Due South from Detroit

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osprey | 13:12 Fri 04th Aug 2006 | People & Places
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If you travel due South from Detroit what is that first foreign country you come to?


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Mexico if you are by road, probably cuba if you are flying or the bahamas
I would agree Cuba
Cuba. You`d pretty well hit Havana as its longitude is 82 degrees 22 minutes W and Detroit is 83 degrees 5 minutes W.
Question Author
Well done shammydodger. You win a wagon wheel. Just pop into your nearest Tesco and quote the reference Det/Can09 to collect your prize. about the town of Pinar del Rio in Cuba, its longitude is 83 degrees 40 minutes W and as Detroit is 83 degrees 5 minutes W you would HAVE to pass over some part of the far west of Cuba.

Another thing, once you get to the South Pole along whatever longitude line you take, surely you would then be travelling North......
OK, so what happens when you get down to Panama.?`ve GOT to cross land there somewhere, unless there`s a gap that you know of......
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Snowy Owl - the answer is Canada; see Clanad's reply for verification.
We shall just have to agree to disagree.

It's Canada. You merely end up across the bridge in Windsor, Ontario. I went there several times while a student at Toledo, Ohio, which is how I came to know the answer to this (I didn't google, honestly!)
Yep - I've just checked Autoroute - Canada it is, although very briefly if you carry on in a straight line south.. The border lips just south of Detroit and encompasses a little 'finger' of Canada until half way across Lake Erie, when it becomes USA again.

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Due South from Detroit

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