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fruitstock festival

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nat_84 | 12:41 Fri 04th Aug 2006 | People & Places
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Fruitstock Festival at Regents Park - this weekend.

Really looking forward to it - never been before.

Anyone else going??


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looks like your on your own have a great time
Question Author
luckily im going with friend......along with the hundreds of thousands of others.....
Question Author
before i returned home i lived right beside regents park we could hear the elephants in the zoo. now who on earth would want to know that ?
Question Author
aw made my day
Question Author
im glad for you. Did u see Nelly?
i did see guy the gorilla but you maybe too young he lived at the zoo for years and years but sadly died a good while ago
Question Author
course i know him. not personally but my dad did.

My dad worked with him and he spat at my dad.... nice gorilla.
did your dad work at the zoo ?
Question Author
yes sorry forgot to mention that,

He had dinner parties with the chimps too.
you are making this up as you go along
Question Author
lol i promise im not.
am assuming the zoo is still there, i stayed in a nurses home across from a pub and cant remember what is was called but then i am 98
Question Author
really? so is my aunt

yes the zoo is still there but not as good at it used to be.
-- answer removed --
thing is are zoos necessary i know there are endangered animals but should we be paying to see polar bears in britain when they should be in the wild just an example
Question Author
well i enjoy looking at them.

things that looked saddest were the birds...
the aviary in regents park zoo was designed by antony armstrong jones princess margarets ex husband
Question Author
was it really? well i never....

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fruitstock festival

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