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Pootle | 14:03 Fri 21st Jul 2006 | People & Places
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I really enjoy listening to BBC Five live particularly the breakfast show but I find Nicky Campbell incredibly irritating. He has a pedestrian, amateur interview style and some of his comments are not unlike that of Richard of Richard and Judy fame; basically, he is an idiot. Can anybody tell me how much longer he intends to stay on the show or when his contract expires.

Thanks in advance


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i completely agree with you - he is total crap. I've been listening to fivelive for about 7 years now and i hate him - i agree he reminds me of richard or r&j - so full of his self importance! (take the "big babies" comment from a few months ago, and anyone could see what a knob he is) I really like shelagh but he just spoils it really. I used to prefer julian and victoria (but i have to say, now she is doing the 9-12 slot ive gone off her a bit too) I dont think you can beat peter allen and jane garvey in the 4-7 slot really - they make a fab team.
Anyway i cant answer your question, sorry, you just made me go off on a rant (especially as reported in the papers a few months ago he earns more for the show than sheilagh does)
My opinion of Nicky Campbell is largely unprintable.....I find him most irritating, ignorant, over the top politically correct, up his own......I'll have to stop before I get banned from this site.....

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Five Live Nicky Campbell

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