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Bit of a weird one this...what do you think happened??

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Reenie29 | 11:44 Fri 21st Jul 2006 | People & Places
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Not sure if this is the right section really - or whether I should add it to Homes and Gardens or Body and Soul.

I live on the top floor of a smallish block of flats. I have a private roof top garden. This morning when I went out to get my washing in I noticed that some of my garden furniture had been rearranged. At first I thought it was brought on by a gust of wind, but on closer inspection I realised that this was impossible - the chairs had been folded and kind of, threaded onto my parasoll (y'know one of those things you use to protect yourself from the sun). Besides which lots of smaller items - plant pots etc were still intact.

So, what do you think has happened?? I have a feeling it's someone playing a trick - except as I say my garden isn't accessible (unless you're Spiderman)...My boyf thinks we need to call in an excocist and now I'm getting a bit spooked in case it is a burglar or something. I sleep with my curtains open so if they wanted to they could have a good old snoop.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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fix up some sort of CCTV camera, you'll soon find out - and close your curtains!!
Your boyf is the culprit. He's trying to convince you you're going mad, or are incurably haunted by a spook, because he wants your money and your flat. Or have I been watching too many old Hitchcocks?
Question Author
Flat is nice but I'm no Kim Novak. And I'm skint.
Prime suspect in my mind would be the boyfriend.
Motive to scare you/make you think you going nuts. Or maybe he has been entertaining someone else while you weren't home! No, surely not. Maybe you do have a poltergeist. Set your cam corder up if you have one and film the area but don't tell him you are going to do it.
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It's my flat so he doesn't get the chance to entertain other people there - unless of course he's secretly playing games of Twister with the garden furniture whilst I'm on the loo!!!

And he's not much of a trickster either really - far too sensible and nice. So I reckon he's been having a tidy in his sleep. Which I will of course encourage because my lounge could do with a bit of a spring-clean!!

Thanks for the advice though - was feeling genuinely spooked by this but mails have cheered me up.
OOHH, Reenie,

Thought for a mom u were offended by my reply and had it removed!! I answered to this on B & S, then when I came on P&P saw the Q and freaked out. LOL ;o)
Maybe it was Casper sorting out the Feng Shui ;-)
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No Jeep you didn't offend me at all - I've double posted is all...
A roof garden? Wow how cool!

Tonight, tie pieces of cotton between the pieces of furniture that's been moved, check it tomorrow morning if the cottons broke....panic like mad then emigrate!!!!

Question Author
Could be...But it was quite an elaborate rearrangement. All a bit Blair Witch
Well, if it was sleepwalking, maybe you should leave them like that, and next time they might be properly arranged. And also leave a hoover out, and a pile of clothes to be ironed.
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Wonder if they're any good at barbecues?!
I've no suggestions as to what happened, but some years back, I had a weird experience too. I woke to go to work, walked out to my car, and it wasn't there. "oh dear, it's been stolen" I said (well, words to that effect!). Anyway, I walked to work, reported it to the police, and asked the guys at work (Postmen) to keep an eye out in case it had been abandoned anywhere.

Later that morning, I was doing my own walk, and I saw it myself about 100 yards down the road - I don't go to work that way and it was on a curve, so I didn't notice it before.

I had the keys, there was no sign of a break in, and it was perfectly parked. People said I must have been drunk and parked it there by mistake, but (1) I didn't go out and (2) I don't drink and drive at all, so how did it get there? My own theory is that a bunch of rugby players manhandled it there, but to this day, I still can't explain it.
ooo, Take a picture and post it here for us to have a look!

I'm intrigued!

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Bit of a weird one this...what do you think happened??

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