Is Masculinity Restrictive And Why?

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spathiphyllum | 15:19 Wed 01st May 2019 | People & Places
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Society and the theory of evolution could embed a certain restriction to males, if the male themselves wishes to be seen as masculine (is it a choice?) Now.. a lot of people really don't care what others think, and that's fine, we can all say we don't care what others think of us, but life gives us prejudice opinions on gender, masculinity, races etc.. and it's not our fault, it just is how it is. We feel we've learnt something about a culture or group of people, because on the face of it, we have.. but deep down we're all just human souls with the same needs. It's just a label, but that's another kettle of fish.


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I am not sure what the question is
let alone the answer

I think the sportswomens verdict is correct as it will prevent people dosing up with natural steroids and saying
'Oh, I am meant to be like that!'
'if the male themselves wishes to be seen as masculine (is it a choice?)' Of course it is. Many 'males' play down their masculinity.

'life gives us prejudice opinions on gender, masculinity, races etc.. and it's not our fault' No, but we can educate ourselves to think differently.
ah dougie
you are in a profound - - - moooood
I think so... males often seem to be expected to appear and behave in certain ways, whether they want to or not.
But then again ....
Question Author
if we talk evolution, the qualities of masculinity would dominate the world of when we were foragers.
Yes, both males and females have evolved differently and separately, spath. Females for childbearing and males for athletic reasons. How people prefer to present themselves is an individual choice though.
To be any gender is restrictive, people have opinions on what you should be doing / being. But it's the same with age, with sexuality or with race etc. People will say things like
'Oh look at her mutton dressed as lamb',
'Look at him the big wuss, crying!',
'Well he's not with her for her brains is he?'

You name it and people feel they have a right to think it / say it because of their own experiences and in some cases prejudices. you just have to ignore them and get on with your life, only then, by example, does anything change.
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absolutely, but it takes time, and due to the modern age, people live forever. the darwin awards are for the people who actually manage to let natural selection run its course. It's an achievement in these days.
No it's not. Both my father and my OH are masculine but neither are/were afraid of showing emotion.

All changes take some time and effort. Women did it, I think men should stand up for themselves now.
It's a little-known fact, but there are actually fewer genetic differences between men and goldfish than between men and women.
Likewise with Mr Cal and my Dad Ummm, both very manly men but very in touch with their emotions, but that's bcause they are quite a leace with themselves as individuals. I think the issues come when people are less confident in who they really are so feel the need to 'fit in' and thus become something of an unhappy stereotype.
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You can be masculine and show emotion
Jim, I do know male humans share more DNA with male chimps than they do with female humans...
Men should show emotion, imo, but I realise many have not been brought up to believe that.
What does masculinity mean to you then Spath in this sense? And perhaps you'd like to explain your initial question slightly more clearly as well whilst you're at it because i'm not at all sure I know what you're asking tbh?
Me neither...
The day I learned that I didn't have to 'act like a man' was one of the most liberating of my life.

Nowadays, with very little testosterone coursing around my knackered body, it is easier of course, but 40+ years ago, realising I didn't have to act 'in a manly fashion', but just be a human, was great.

What a strange thread

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Is Masculinity Restrictive And Why?

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