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Wedding outfit

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bantingm | 16:49 Mon 16th Feb 2009 | Shopping & Style
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Hiya peeps, i was invited to a wedding which isnt until may, but i am hoping to get my outfit sorted ASAP.

i want a long length dress (maxi style) and have been looking on websites such as, which is more reasonable then alot of online shops.

Has anyone else got any good websites for formal dresses?



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How about Debenhams bantingm? E Bay is good as well.
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Thanks China, looking on ebay at the mo, but being distracted by all the wedding dresses!!!!!!!

There is a debs about 2 mins from my house with an outlet section so may have a little look. i want it floor length but im very tall so debenhams dresses normally flap around my ancles.

M&S do some nice reasonably priced maxi dresses too. (Cheaper than the websites I suggested before!)
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They are a little out my price range Eash. just looking for a little website selling cheaper dresses.

thanks for the links anyway.


Oh & im looking for pink!!
There are many websites from where you can select your dress but I would like to recommend It has a beautiful collection of wedding dresses. And you can choose the wedding dress based on theme, style and colour.
I know a good online store which will surely help you. Here you will get a beautiful collection of long length dresses and formal dresses. Hope this helps you.

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Wedding outfit

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