Where can I buy Cadburys Wispas?

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matt_london | 16:35 Thu 22nd Nov 2007 | Shopping & Style
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Have looked everywhere!!!


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I have been able to get them in a few local newsagents as well as bigger stores such as woolworths and the co-op. Still never found in Tesco though.
If you have a local woolworths, try that if you havent already.
They sell them in my corner shop but unless you are desperate enough for one to drive 250 miles, that's not much use to you... Its a Londis shop so if you have one nearby, maybe they use the same suppliers or something?
jackson's have them aswell
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Hellooo, err bad news i'm afraid. Cadburys only made a few thousand of them and each store weather it be a Tesco in Covent Garden or a dinky corner shop in Lands End were allowed 5 boxes each. Chances are, there are only a few left in the UK by now. x
Sold our last one in our village shop today. We won't be able to get any more. Sorry.
They have them in the shop in my office - as that is in Stirling, maybe it is a bit of a trek!
Ilve had so many I;m sick of them now
they were 3 for a pound in Woolworths on Friday

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Where can I buy Cadburys Wispas?

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