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chic21998 | 22:43 Tue 23rd Jan 2007 | Shopping
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Sorry I know its the wrong section but no one seems to be in the shopping bit!

We purchased a sofa from dfs in feb last year and it has been a total disaster.Honestly its the most uncomfortable thing you have ever had to endure.

It cost us �995

DFS have offered to repair it ect...

In reality I want a different one altogether, I cant believe you pay a grand for a sofa and after a year it has to be repaired, surely this is ridiculous.

Does anyone know what I can do or had a similar experience?



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How long was the warranty on it?
Question Author
1 year, we made our first complaint at the beginning of dec but have had to wait due to xmas ect...
dfs = dodgy f*****g sofas
I agree - we have had one sofa from there - never again.
The one we had lasted about a year then started to fall apart. Rubbish quality and expensive for what it was.
Why not try speaking to your local Trading Standards office, you should be able to find the number on They should be able to give you advice on what to do.
wel lyou can thelp that they are closed over christmas so you should go in and stand your ground.
I have had a DFS sofa for just over three years, very uncomfortable and I now have permanent back ache. I have to put my feet up on the footstool, luckily I bought one at the same time, as I just can't sit with my legs down, it is too long and my legs are a bit short ! Also the cushions are useless, gone all saggy in the middle, I have had to replace them with foam at another �200. Never again! John Lewis here I come.

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sofa problems

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