Facial Hair Removal Cream

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giraffe_02 | 22:17 Tue 06th Jun 2006 | Shopping & Style
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Hiya does anyone know any makes of facial hair removal cream that work? I have tried Boots own and it is rubbish it doesn't work! Is there any other makes that do?


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I used Inmac for ages - but lasy week I had my upper lip waxed (profesionally). It cost a fiver and wow it is so much better than creams.

It didnt hurt and is 1,000,000 times better!!

Superdrugs own is good.
I'm looking as well but I can tell you not to use Nair. Even double the time limit and it does very little!
I've used Veet for years, and it works fine.
Question for 888Sally888, please, or anyone else who can tell me. If you go for waxing, does the hair have to be fairly long before they can do it? That's what puts me off.

why not enquire about laser .. .its permanent .... Either that or electrolysis. I would be worried about using that harsh stuff on my face.

I used Boots cream last night. I use it all the time, unfortunately last night night it stung when I applied it (I took it off), and now I have a rash on my lip which is raging red and very lumpy. I look like I have attacked myself with a blunt razor!

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Facial Hair Removal Cream

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