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Went Shopping For A New Bathroom And Kitchen

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renegadefm | 23:12 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Last year me and partner decided it was time we had a new bathroom and kitchen.

Nothing had been done to either rooms for 30 years, do went to B&Q, as they offered to do it on zero percent finance with Creation.


For both bathroom and kitchen its costed £25.000, so spending that kind of money we want things done right.


Work on the bathroom started on Friday, but we are already dismayed by the guy B&Q has hired as he's decided not to chip off the old tiles, and he's going to tile over them.


We decided to do away with the bath and have a walk in shower. 


I know it's early days into the renovation but let's just say his work seems less than of a high standard. 


Now here is my main question. If we are not happy with the finished product of either the bathroom or kitchen or both, where do we stand in terms of guarantee?


Could we make them rip it out and start again, I just don't know where I stand. 


I emailed my concerns to the boss of B&Q where we first had the plans drawn up about the non removal of old tiles, but they replied back and said that's normal and not to worry, things should be alright.


Should I be worried? 



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I forgot to mention Barry's post at 8:38 re: Consumer Credit Act.

Yes, that may well apply, but things would have to have gone way downhill before we got to that. 

I try always to be pragmatic. Between a formidable Credit Company, a national chain (B&Q), and a local tradesman ........................ deal with the tradesman first.

if you didnt want tiling over tiles, why did you carry on when the plans were drawn up that showed that?  its not like you can say you didnt know.

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Obviously we assumed that would be taken care of and tiles would automatically be taken off without even giving it any concideration that they wouldn't be taken off.


The main problem is the guy has been working here since Friday, and I've yet to see him as I have been at work all 3 days. I been texting my partner with my concerns and she showed him my texts, and all he says is dont worry I have been installing bathrooms for 30 years, and everything will be fine, so it's almost like he's saying to me shut up and let me carry on with my work, but he needs to remember it's costing us a fortune. 

Not being there to see it for yourself could be the cause of your anxiety. Can you start late or finish early one day to meet him? Either that or leave your partner to deal with him him and maybe it will all be OK in the end. After all he must have done hundreds of bathrooms on his day.

You only have his claim re experience - has he offered any evidence ?

All cowboys sound convincing. it's their strongest point.

But the last paragraph in your op says you contacted b+q about the non removal of tiles when you saw the plans. Am I being dim here or something?

Ellipsis>Is there a contract and what does it say?

The Builder>Of course we can't know just what was stated in the agreement

Call it a contract, call it an agreement, you must have something written down about what B&Q's contractor is doing for the money. What does it say?

Question Author


I only raised concerns with B&Q once I knew he's going to tile on tiles.


Okay I have had a responce from B&Q this morning, and they have confirmed tiling on tiles is normal practice these days has they use a special paste that is put on the old tiles, which is then left to set over night, and you can tile on that the next day.


Plus this practice doesn't affect the guarantee. 

The only thing that concerns me is the guarantee for each renovation is only 2 years from the day each renovation is completed and signed off.  But the finance payments is for 4 years. So let's say for example if something goes wrong just after 2 years, it means we would still be paying for it for a further 2 years. Which means any major repair work we wouldn't be able to afford for 2 years. 


In my opinion the guarantee should last for 4 years to match the finance payments. Something I wished I asked about before hand, so this has all been a learning curve, and I admit I should have been armed with these questions before we even started this venture.


Had I knew the guarantee didnt cover the full finance period we probably wouldn't have had a new bathroom and kitchen with B&Q. 

The payment is a different agreement from the purchase and cannot be connected to the length of the guarantee.

You would still expect a guarantee if you had paid in cash, or with your credit card.

Are you now happy with them tiling over the tiles?

also, wot would you have done if the finance company had said you could pay over 10 years - expected the warrantee to be extended?

and sorry, yes i was being dim over the weeken.  When you said saw the plans, i thought you meant before you said yes to the work

Question Author


Thats a fair comment, I never thought of it that way. I don't know anyone who could pay out 25k in cash though, and most credit cards the interest would cripple you. 


I wouldn't say I'm happy with them tiling on tiles, but I'm less concerned about it now. 

Hope all goes well, renegadefm ...

Question Author


Thanks so do I 

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Went Shopping For A New Bathroom And Kitchen

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