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Curly Or Straight Hair?

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abbeylee90 | 20:35 Sun 07th Apr 2024 | Shopping & Style
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For next Saturday with the dress



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Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

I don't the guy will notice.

Straight because the wavy hair looks like a style a 10 year old would wear 

Do you straighten/ curl it yourself or would you pay a hairdresser to do it?

newmodarmy's quite right, the guy won't notice.

I'd say straight 😊

Then I'll say curly!

Question Author

I did it myself 

I like the curly...but without the ponytail at the back.

Question Author

Pasta I couldn't find pics without the ponytail 

Surely it's which ever you prefer and makes you feel good. If you want someone's opinion maybe ask a friend or your mum....or another guy. I can't see how having maybe 5 strangers here saying straight and 5 saying curly  is going to help you decide.

What's more important is checking he meets your criteria for height, lack of facial hair and piercings, clean jeans and common interests.

It's impossible to say if someone suits a hairstyle without seeing their face.

Four threads are all running this evening. I'm off.

Abbey, How Did Your Trial Go?

Curly Or Straight Hair?

What Do I Do Abour This Guy?

Is It Normal To Forget Your Friends When Moving In With A Partner?

Toss a coin.

I like the curly look - that's lovely - but both styles look nice.  

I miscounted, I think there are 5 threads.

Why are you counting at all, Barsel?  There's no limit on the number of threads anyone may post or contribute to.

Curly is softer.  But it depends if your hair will hold a curl all night.

We've spoken about this before Naomi and I'm sure I'm not the only one that comes on here, sees 5 stupid threads from the same person and then leaves, which is what I'm doing now.

I will be coming on here less and less in the future.











I've no idea who's coming or going, Barsel, but I tend to ignore threads I'm not interested in.  It's not difficult.  You could always post something you are interested in.  Just an idea.

I stopped asking questions in Oct 2022 when my total reached 800 and decided on answering or just joining in on others threads, but I feel at the moment that this site is literally being taken over by 1 poster and I'm fed up of coming on here and seeing these silly questions.

I've tried to get involved but it's just a waste of time.

Whatever is said is ignored and the same questions keep coming up time after time.

Anyway, I'm leaving here for the time being as there's just not much fun on here anymore.

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Curly Or Straight Hair?

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