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None of those, abbey

I would base it on how well you know your date .. if a first date, maybe the top right?  Don't ask me why 😊

Question Author

I was told best to proper dress up on first date

then none of them. you are a middle aged woman

^^^ Surely 31 is not middle-aged!!

depends how long one lives for i suppose!

All of them look slutty.  Not smart.  Why do young girls want to look like street walkers?  

well smurfie

street walkers want to  look like young girls !

The flowered top is sweet... but the rest, shorts,slinky dresses... are definite NOs. Will make you look cheap. Try for a more sophisticated look.

If you have the body for it the black one.

//then none of them. you are a middle aged woman//

Old fogey, my daughter (38) wears a lot less than that and at 31 even less(still belts).

If you have got it flaunt it, but just enough on a first date.

The bloke doesnt want to be going out with his mum.

Abbey isn't a middle aged woman!  That's a ridiculous thing to say.  Top right with heels.

Tbh, I'd be worried if my 30 something daughter wore those outfits. She got close to that in her late teens, but then found a more classy style. She's also 38.

There is absolutley nothing wrong with any of those clothes unless you are a prude.  They are not revealing and with what is worn these days quite conservative.  OK, the shorts not on a first date but the others are all fine.

OK then I'm a prude because they have zero class. One wears clothes like that to attract just one thing.

The mauve one, IMO, is truly dreadful, and def not the shorts, as observed (but something else instead mind)

But, not up to me  😉


//One wears clothes like that to attract just one thing.//

Yes, to look nice and feel nice. Plus if your single to get attention from a mate.

-- answer removed --

If you want the sort of attention that will last just one night and wham bang thank you ma'am, then wear something like the pink or brown one on the middle right.  If you want to look like you have half a brain and want a man to take you home to his mum them don't look like a slut.  

I agree Smurfchops

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