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Depends if you have nice shoulders or not

Did you not post these among four yesterday?  Red - but why not ask mother's advice.

Question Author

Only the one red

Sorry abbey, I don't like either

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You said not long ago that you are having money worries.  

Yet you seem to be able to be endlessly buying new clothes.  


Why is this poster endlessly indulged on AB?   It's all just nonsense.

Abbey often says now that these are tops, clothes she already has. Abbey often gives no real indication of the event she's  choosing an outfit for (or wanting ABers to choose for her).

brainiac why is any user indulged on AB

You have those that call everything woke

those that like to accuse others of wrong doing

those that like to make political comments

if no rules are broken then why should they not remain

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Any post is better than no post on AB.

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Either answer the question or don't. Abbeylee90 is asking for opinions on clothing, not her as a user. 

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Nevercross it not for a certain occasion  

So are you wondering which to buy? If so, you must have identified a need ? 

It really depends on the occasion 

Your wardrobes must be bursting at the seams. When you went under the user name 'abbeyleigh'you were always buying new clothes . Can't you wear one of those? I thought that you had ; no job ,no friends and no money? 

Question Author

Andre's who said I had none of that?

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