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Which One For Saturday?

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abbeylee90 | 18:23 Wed 03rd Jan 2024 | Shopping & Style
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I would decide myself but it so hard. This is for brunch and 2nd date.



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I like the middle one - ɓlack or dark blue - can't really see.

The middle one, 

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With black jeans or trousers?

I prefer the pink one, so the first date went well, abbey?

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I was expecting a little more info, abbey

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We went for coffee drinks on Saturday 

The middle one...with black jeans

Abbey, if you copy and paste the 'direct link' here, we can see a larger picture.

I'm glad your date went well Abbey 

The middle one with black jeans will look lovely for a brunch. Maybe keep her straight too.

Hope 2nd date goes well. Sounds like the new year is starting well for you. Hope it continues x


# hair 

Wide leg trousers, small heels and a blazer

If you click on the image, it's a lot clearer.

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Karamia hopefully or will be when I get a new job I enjoy

Whoa, I got a topless lady that looked rather like pussy cat Nicole!!!

I got 404 Not found. I was so looking forward to help choose as well.

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Barsel hope you can view now

I saw 4 pictures of blouses.  Either the pink or the white, depending on how well you can wear the strong pink.  Either would demand black trousers/jeans & small heels.

Thanks Abbey. I prefer the 3/5 one. Dark with a pink pattern.

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Which One For Saturday?

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