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eariyam | 21:32 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | Shopping & Style
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Has anyone ever used Temu? I was looking on their site at the reborn dolls and the pics look like photos of real babies. Surely they can't replicate them to such detail and if not then it must be false advertising 



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Temu is a 'marketplace', rather than a 'vendor'.  i.e. Temu itself doesn't actually sell anything but, instead, allows many thousands of vendors to advertise their products on the site.  (It's similar in many ways to Amazon Marketplace and the 'Buy it Now' side of eBay).  So, while some sellers might be entirely reputable, others might not be. Therefore some people will have good experiences with the site, whereas others might not be so lucky.

There are many, many YouTube videos though which point to Temu as being a source of countless products which are either outright fakes (i.e. they're using trade marks which they're not entitled to) or copycat products (where patent rights have been ignored but, at least, a different brand name has been used).

Where Chinese manufacturers have copied Western products, it's fairly common practice for them to use images from the  'genuine' websites, rather than for them to show pictures of what their own products actually look like.  So some copies will be really close to the originals but others might only be very poor imitations of them.

Therefore buying on Temu can be a bit hit and miss but, despite that, there are still plenty of bargains to be found there.  As Temu is based in China though, trying to enforce your UK consumer rights in the event of a problem isn't going to be easy!

I've often wondered who or what Temu is, as it almost invariably comes top of any internet search I do.  Never dared click on it, though.

I've used Temu for various inexpensive items (didn't trust them with big sums of my money!) With varying results.

Some items were well worth the money whilst others went straight in the bin. 

Buy cheap

Buy twice

There are threads here about Temu if you try a search.


Meanwhile some of the photos are suspect. Recently seen one a few times where the model is so slender there is hardly enough space for her spine. She really needs to check with the doc.

Friends who have bought from Temu Portugal are all pleased with service and purchases

Temu are pretty good for kitchenware and trinkets, but be careful with clothes. Order a size or two bigger than usual.

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