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Scarlett | 11:56 Sat 29th May 2021 | Shopping
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I have bought a Tempur matteress from Dreams. Their rules are that you must try it for 30 days before asking for an alternative mattress. They will let you swap, but not refund. Am I right in thinking that I can still tell them I want to return it within 14 days of purchase?


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why dont you ask them?
but on the face of it, if they want you to try it fo 30 days, then, no 14 days is 16 days short!

13.1 Our ‘Comfort Exchange’ guarantee applies to mattresses and divan sets as well as adjustable mattresses only and excludes bedsteads, Made to Measure, showroom clearance, our Essentials range, blue cross, Contract mattresses and adjustable bases. If at any time between 30 and 40 nights following Delivery (or collection) You inform Us that Your choice of mattress is proving uncomfortable, provided that You comply with this clause We will without quibble exchange it for an alternative mattress or divan set of the same size and for the same (or higher) value than the original. .

13.2 Any difference in price between the original product and the replacement product must be paid at the time of re-selection. We cannot refund any difference in price if You select a lower priced product.

13.3 The 'Comfort Exchange' guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

(a) We are unable to process a Comfort Exchange earlier than 30 nights, as it can take this long for Your body to adjust to Your new bed and for the fillings to settle;

(b) the original mattress must be kept in perfect condition so We insist on the use of a mattress protector, We reserve the right to refuse a Comfort Exchange if a Mattress protector has not been used or the product is marked or soiled;

(c) collection and re-delivery charges of £49 will be applied to each 'Comfort Exchange';

(d) 'Comfort Exchanges' are limited to one exchange per product ordered.

so A seems to be saying they cant start the process till 30 nights
That is their offer and their terms. However, if the mattress was purchased online, you have the legal right to change your mind within fourteen days of its being delivered.
i would imagine you can "cancel" if you have used it though (ie slept on it)
"You may also struggle to get your money back if you’ve unwrapped it"
plus you have to pay to return it. sounds like a nightmare.
Question Author
Thanks all. The reason I didn’t ask them is because I knew they wouldn’t be helpful! They don’t want you to return it do they? Thanks for the links – I can see that they will not accept a return if it has been taken out of its wrapper. And of course the delivery man took it out of its wrapper. That is obviously what they are told to do, so that I can’t send it back within 14 days!
In fact their return policy says you must use a mattress protector. Of course you can take it out of the wrapper or you wouldn’t be able to try it.
Just something to bear in mind...there are mattresses available (both memory foam and other types) as good as, and even better than, Tempur at a fraction of the price.
I remember a while ago Which? saying that Tempur mattresses are "wildly overpriced".
Question Author
Their small print says that it can only be returned within 14 days if it has the wrapper on, and has not been used at all. So, that was why the delivery men were so keen to rip the wrapper off! I have had so many memory foam mattresses, and I find that they all go soggy and give me backache after a while. This is why I’ve spent so much on this one – desperately hoping that this one stays supportive. First impression is that I’m not keen – it’s rather like lying in a hammock of mud.
Your right of return within 14 days applies to online purchases that are unused.
Different again if the item is faulty or not as described, you have more rights
i dont really understand why you are blaming them for taking the wrapper off - how would you have tried it out or even got it on your bed otherwise? if you are going to use their comfort guarantee it might be an idea to go to the actual shop and try some out before you decide what to replace it with
Scarlet, you are confusing your 14 day cancellation rights under the Distance Selling Regs which the shop cannot avoid if you bought it online with their own 30 return policy. Two different things each with their own ‘rules’. With the wrapping off you can return it after 30 days for a £49 fee.

I cannot understand why you bought another memory foam mattress when you have not got on with them previously. I can’t get on with them either so stick to very good quality pocket sprung mattresses
Question Author
Well, I like memory foam as it’s comfortable, but I find that it doesn’t retain its shape! Or at least the cheap ones don’t. It starts off tall and supportive, and ends up soggy pudding, and then I get backache. I previously bought a Hypnos premier in Mattress, which was just too hard and uncomfortable. It’s difficult to get it right, but I have a lot of problems. Also, I bought it in the shop after having tried out lots of different mattresses.
well then the 14 day thing doesnt apply
I have a Silentnight mattress from Dreams with a combined pocket spring base and memory foam topping. I have a firm one for the support, but the memory foam layer makes it really comfortable. This is the second one I have bought and I certainly paid a reasonable amount. Best of both worlds I think.
I bought a mattress from Amazon, read China. £167 of rolled up rubbish. Unusable, I gave it away three days later. Seller kept offering me 20% refund if I gave them five star review. I didn’t.

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