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chrisuk013 | 10:54 Sat 06th Jun 2020 | Shopping
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When are Barbers and Hair Salons legal allowed to reopen and cut hair again?


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The aim is July 4 or thereabouts. We shall see
Question Author
barbers in my area are saying June 15th?
What part of the UK are you in? They are all setting their own timetable. If your barber says it is June 15th he will probably be right. Enormous fines if he works when he shouldn't.
Question Author
I'm in the north west. Where may I add the R number is higher than anywhere else in the country at the minute.

'They are all setting their own timetable' I was of the opinion there was only one timetable and that was the governments? I am lost..
4th July is the date for England but it could be different for Wales, Scotland and NI who like to have slightly different arrangements from England, sometimes to justify their existence
Thanks. If correct then it's been brought forward. Mrs FF put 4 July in her calendar when it was announced by Boris at a briefing
Ah- on reading it they are only open for clickncollect (shampoos /colours I assume). We still have to wait until 4th July to have ou hair worked on
"Hairdressers will have to wait until at least July 4 to get cutting again."
My hairdresser comes to my home. When I spoke to her recently she said mid July at the earliest. Understandable as she goes into many houses and keeping a 2m distance is impossible.
My son just cut his hair with the dog clippers! I dont think I'll follow suit!.
Can she cut it in your garden maggiebee? Would need 2m tree loppers or shears though
My hairdresser comes to my home
So does mine.She will be here on Monday.I'm classing long hair as a health hazard after 14 weeks of isolation.
My mobile hairdresser is sticking to the rules. Is equipping herself with PPE and hoping for 4 July.
Having my haircut at home is on the list of things I've never done. So far I've managed to keep my hair out of my eyes with a pair of blunt kitchen scissors ! And will wait until mid July after the rush to visit my usual hairdresser. Thats assuming he reopens, I do hope so.
I must admit to cutting my shaggy fringe. I have a shaggy hair cut! OH cut some off the back but couldn't grasp the technique of shaggy, feathering, so the overall effect of that combined with dark roots is not good. But as I'm shielding it really doesn't matter!
I have booked an appointment for 15 July.
Mines booked in for opening day, that’s what comes of being friendly on FB with your hairdresser
Just for a bit of clarification here:
Barry's link to The Sun shows that hairdressers will only be able to open from the 15th June for the provision of retail services. (e.g. you'll be able to collect hair dye but you won't be able to get your hair dyed for you).

Clicking through from Barry's link shows that hairdressers won't be able to open fully until July 4th at the earliest:

Although that web page is dated from 12 days ago, I don't think that there have been any new announcements during the intervening period.
I'm wondering if any barbers or hairdressers will ever open again. I've seen nothing in writing to say that they will, only vague speculations.
I’m sure they will, MWG.
I always hated going to the hairdresser, but I’m now keen to get in there. I’m always shocked when I look in the mirror first thing, nowadays.

(I know there are worse things going on than the state of my hair, BTW.)

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