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iloveglee | 11:47 Wed 29th Apr 2020 | Shopping
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Is there anyone out there that uses Asda online shopping (presuming you can a slot that is). I managed to get a slot for last week, and put through an order. I knew there would be changes and extras, so went back into the order at the appropriate time - currently 2 days before delivery.

After adding these items, I followed the instructions, which were to checkout again, this took me to the payment page where my credit card details were, and I just added the three numbers on the back. My trolley then showed amending and I assumed that these would all amalgamate into the one order.

How wrong can you be. Come the day of the delivery all the extras were in a separate trolley, not checked out and no slot to put it into. Nowhere on the website could I see any instructions to go back to the trolley and checkout again. I am assuming that is what I should have gone, but I don't actually know.

I have another delivery booked for next week, that needs changes making but am still not quite sure how to make sure these are added to the original order. Tesco on the other hand have a very straightforward procedure which cannot go wrong. They have no slots at all though, either for delivery or collection. I thought I had followed all the instructions on the Asda site but there must be something different that I should do, from what I actually did.

If there is anyone who has managed this successfully I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. I am usually quite good at this sort of thing, but it had me foxed.


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Just update the "basket" rather than add items seperately and go through checkout. The total taken will not be debited, until the items are "picked"
After making an amedment, check your emails. They send a confirmation email for each adjustment, so if something's gone pearshaped, you should find it there.
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That was what I was afraid of that I'd be charged again for the original order if I went into the basket again. It wasn't until after the order came that I realised they don't actually take the money until then.

Good idea about looking out for the e-mails. After I did the tesco order - goodness knows how I managed to hit on the one and only collect they had available - I changed it a couple of times and each time a new e-mail came.

Online grocery shopping is not something I normally do. As both myself and my husband are over 70 with medical conditions we are giving the actual shops a swerve for the moment. We are also trying to help out a couple of friends in the street who are older than us, and have worse medical conditions, so we're adding items for them as well.

Hopefully it'll work out now I've done it once and got it wrong.
At one time you could amend the order any time you wanted but this has changed. You can only amend for 4 days before your order is due because of Corona. This has recently been increased from 2 days before.
Log on to your account and click on My Orders. If you can amend that order there will be a button you can click on to do so. It has worked for me for the two orders I have had. I have another one due 7th so will amend when I reach 4 days before or leave it to 1 day before as it may give a better idea of what stock is actually available.
Hope this helps.
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With the last one I did just that. I pulled up the order, then searched for the extras and added them. Then I clicked on checkout, went through the process and entered the three numbers on the back of my card - all the rest of the details are saved. At no stage did the instructions lead you back to your basket of groceries.

After the checkout procedure, the basket then said 'amending'. Nowhere did it say that you have to go back into your basket and checkout from there. I assumed the basket was updating, and what I had done would check me out. But not so, it just checked out the original order, and left the extras in the basket.

I'll know now to go back into the basket once i have finished adding. And also, to look out for the e-mail to show I have updated. I hadn't realised they had increased the time you can start the amendments, I'll have a look at that. It was 2 days the last time I did it.

It isn't as easy or user friendly as the tesco one I must say. Although all the supermarkets are difficult to find a delivery, or collect slot, I have been lucky with asda twice for delivery, and tesco once for collect.
I'm at a loss then because it did work perfectly for me. After pressing the amend order button the items I added appeared on the righthand side then I pressed confirm amendments. No problem at all. It's very strange you had problems. I also received an email with my updates. Your amend button may not have engaged correctly perhaps that's the reason.
I've found the best time to get a slot is at 10pm, that appears to be the time they are added now. Previously it was midnight.
I'm new to this two, but have used the Asda site successfully twice now. I'm at a loss to know why it went wrong for you, as what you describe seems to be exactly what I did when I amended my order. I cant compare with other supermarkets as I've never used there ordering sites.

Log in, Click Order, add new items, review the entire order as a list to check its OK, remove or amend again if need be, change any preferences regarding substitutes, and update order.

you have to check out each time they latest order counts the previous ones are deleted. You will not be charged twice.
"Nowhere on the website could I see any instructions to go back to the trolley and checkout again. I am assuming that is what I should have gone, but I don't actually know. " - yeah they could make that clearer but you do have to check out again.
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Strangely enough though I’d allowed subs for some items and decided to change it to no subs. That request wasn’t accepted either. Something was off for sure, maybe me maybe them

I’ll make sure I check the whole trolley out again next time and look out for the email again. If I do it as soon as I can I’ll have plenty of time to remedy errors.
Good luck. Just make sure you firmly click on the green Amend Order button that will appear ( when you are in the time frame for amending) bottom right of your current order before you start your selections. Without that button you can not amend.
Fingers crossed all goes well this time.
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Just as a matter of interest, can you change the order as many times as you like. It does say on the website in order to help, only change it once, and if urgent. Don't know of course whether it actually prevents you changing more than once.

This time I shall have to try and make sure I have a note for all the things i need to add, and anything the neighbours want before i start on it. Just to be sure. I'll be quite pleased when it's more safe to shop, as I'm not the one that normally does it. My husband shops, but as he is a) male (obviously), b) has high blood pressure and c) has asthma I have deemed him to be high risk so he's absolved from shopping. For now.
I like you have thought of made a list just in case I could only amend once. However out of curiosity I did log back on later just to see if the green amend button was still there and it was. To me that indicates that you would be able to do more amending.
I fully understand the need you have for deliveries. I registered with Tesco, never used them before and never managed to book a slot. Received an email today saying lots more slots have been made available. Had to have a nosey and sure enough plenty there. Some even for next week. You could try for one of those if you are still having difficulty with Asda.
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Yaaay!! Done it. You apparently do now have 4 days to amend, and by the looks of it can amend more than once, as the amend link is still there after amending the list.

Instead of just searching for items, I went into the trolley from the start, then added, and the checkout link was there. Ignored any other checkout links, and in fact it didn't do another checkout process, i.e. going through the bank details again, it just amended the order I had in there.

I did get an e-mail though with an amended list, so I am assuming all is well. I am going to have to change it again so I'll make doubly sure next time.
I have had the same problem, I think its down to them, I found I could only make the payment via the app as it was not recognised on the website and it would just say "amending" you will know if your order goes through properly if they send you an email after you pay
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The asda website is not the most user friendly I have come across. It's a bit of an odd procedure I have to say. However, currently, it appears that my order has been amended as I have received an e-mail each time I changed it, and having checked all the items on the list, they appear to be OK.

It is rather annoying though, that when you search for items, it allows you to select them, add them to your grocery list, and only when you come to check out does it tell you they are out of stock. You'd have thought the items would show at the time of selection.

We are depending on getting these groceries delivered at the minute, so have to put up with the complications of the website I guess. We shall go back to actual shopping once we feel it safe enough to do so.

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