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How Many Handbags?

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leahbee | 19:18 Fri 18th Oct 2013 | Shopping & Style
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Been having a clear out this afternoon and was surprised to find that I have 23 handbags.
Come on ladies can you say how many you have?


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2, one black leather one and one pink leather that I bought for my sister's wedding in August.
I have 17 on my wardrobe. I have had more, but i give them to my daughters when i finish with them. Have a bit of a thing for handbags. And boots.:-)
Oh god I hope mr fgt doesn't read this but at the last count it was over 50!!
I'm not counting my shoes and boots though :_/ For someone who is pretty much housebound I have lots and lots of shoes, many of them have never been worn. lol
About 20 to 30....
About ten, I think. Now, when I buy a new bag, I throw one out. I usually throw it in the direction of a charity shop, though.
About 10 for me.
One everyday work handbag big enough to carry my ipad. One small casual handbag for weekends and shopping, three or four small dressy handbags for occasions when i need them to match an outfit, a couple of little black bags, a soft briefcase style bag and a couple which are big enough to double up as an overnight bag.
Tilly get rid of a handbag - why?
Too too many !
Question Author
Why do we keep them. I only ever use three of mine but I always think that I may need them one day,so although I have a clear out, I don't actually clear out, just rearrange things.
Fgt, I've been getting rid of a lot of things just lately. We may move house soonish and I am trying to declutter my home..
2- my everyday messenger bag and a small black handbag that's used for nights out- so that's used twice a decade.
I've got far too many according to Mr P. Probably about 20...

Still not as bad as this woman -

And I paid for all of mine.
Two. And I have had one of them for ten years. I only have one pair of shoes too. I don't possess a single pair of boots. I can't understand the preoccupation some women seem to have with handbags and shoes
I`m not sure. Maybe about 12 but I tend to use only one.
8 or 9 but granddad G has a BIBO rule when I go shopping - Bag in Bag out. If I buy a bag I have to get rid of one
I don't know - dozens
At one time in my life I had a handbag for every pair of shoes. I still have, but have given dozens to charity shops. I have bought neither for over 10 years. Yet I still have about 15 of each.
9 now. I gave away 6 recently to a charity shop

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