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Looking For A Mug!

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sara3 | 18:47 Fri 18th Oct 2013 | Shopping & Style
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form an orderly queue!

and seriously.. I'm looking for a replacement mug for one bought as a gift many years ago, which sadly has been broken. it's a pretty bone china mug.

it says on the bottom;

Royal Kendal
The Sheila Mannes-Abbott Collection
Waiting for Mother

can anyone help please? make an old woman happy this Christmas. and no, not me! thank you :o)


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sara, would contacting the artist or Royal Kendal be somewhere to start? either may be able to point you to suppliers
her website is

it's beautiful work
Hi Curly. If no luck, then maybe contacting her through her website might give you a lead..............
oops .............. sorry Sloopy. Didn't know you were there :o(
Question Author
thank you both :o)

I'll give it a shot if I can't get hold of one.
bites tongue and sits on hands
s'allright TB, I can't do hyperlinks on this nexus yet, so it comes out as a whisper ;)

there seem to be a couple of replacement china firms about if you search for Royal Kendal sara - good luck
Question Author
I've looked humbersloop.. no joy :o/

FGT, shut it!
Can't see any....but will keep an eye out on my forays into charity shops!
Question Author
thank you murraymints, that's very kind of you :o)
I've been hunting on line for you too, all I can see are plates.
I found this plate which is the same as the mug you are looking for so it might help to find one
Question Author
thanks 2sp, I can't see one anywhere :o/

Psybbo, thanks.. fingers crossed!
Question Author
thanks Tambo but no, that one says " Alex Williams 'A Year in the Country' - June."

but thanks for looking :o)

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Looking For A Mug!

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