Myhermes And Collect+ Where Do They Deliver

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jessiedog | 11:59 Thu 16th May 2013 | Shopping
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Does anyone know the area covered by either of the above?

Do they deliver to Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scilliys, Scottish Islands etc.

As Royal Mail have upped their prices so much I am investigating other means of delivery for my ebay sales and the aboves websites are not clear on the areas they cover other than the mainland.

Thanks in advance


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Well Hermes def deliver to Northern Ireland as I have has several packages from them.
If you look at the home page there is a full time chat advisor (Millie I think) who will answer your questions.

I cannot recommend these couriers highly enough, and they are so cheap. An insured package I sent last week would have cost £11.90 with Royal Mail and with Hermes (collecting it from my house) it was £5.50
As with all privatisation of Public Services, the private companies cherry-pick all the most profitable areas and leave the rest to rot or in the case of mail to be handled by Royal Mail. The latter therefore find their costs escalating as they lose the cherries but still have to service the remote areas (which the private firms either won't touch or charge exorbitant premiums). That's why RM's prices are high, you're paying for the remote areas the privates won't handle. An un-level playing field.
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Thank you all.

I agree, canary, in principle, and think that it is a shame that this has been allowed to happen. However, as an example, a pair of shoes will no longer fit in a package classed as small and so, something that used to cost £2.20 to send, now would cost £5.20, a increase of £3.00 !!!! or 114 per cent !!!

If I am selling a pair of used shoes and they are bought for 99p, £2.20 postage is reasonable but £5.20 is not and is also very off-putting in the first place. And that is without the extra percentage that has to be paid to paypal.

Also RM have sneakily reduced the compensation to £20 from circa £45.
Give Parcel2Go a try. Just to let you know that highlands and islands cover places like channel islands and Isle of man.

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Myhermes And Collect+ Where Do They Deliver

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