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lazarusvault | 19:39 Mon 18th Mar 2013 | Shopping & Style
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I have an identity london watch which has suffered some real damage. I'd like to get an exact replacement as it is a very nice watch. After hours of trawling the internet I have found only one image and nowhere selling them. The image can be found on a google image search of "Identity Mens Brown Crackled Strap Watch", second row, four from left.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



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There are several listed on eBay, take a look
Google Image results display differently on different computers, depending upon the browser in use, the setting within that browser and the screen resolution of the monitor. 'Second row, four from left' takes me to a very feminine watch.

If you want to ensure that we see the correct watch, click on the image to see it displayed on it's own. Then right-click and select 'Copy Image Location'. (That's how Firefox labels the option; other browsers might differ slightly). Then come to this thread, right-click in the answer box and select 'Paste'.

For example, here's what your description currently leads me to
but I somehow doubt that's what you actually wanted us to view!

Question Author Sorry about that. I've looked at Ebay, can't find the right one. Also I'm aware the image isn't the best quality.
Question Author
Unfortunately yes. I just can't seem to find this specific item.

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