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Forced to go to a office Christmas Party!!!!

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saida | 00:22 Sat 12th Dec 2009 | Seasonal
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Can an employer say you have to go to a christmas party or work? My office's normal business hours are 8:30-4:30 pm. The christmas party is at 3:30 pm. They sent a message to everyone stating that if you do not attend the christmas holiday party that you have to work untill 4:30 (even though if you attend the party you are done at 3:30). I feel forced to come to the party even though I do not want to.

Is this legal in the USA????


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work, its only an hour
Look at it from the employer's point of view - if the option was party or go home, most people would probably go home, leaving a pretty poor party. Why not go along, you'll probably end up enjoying it.
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I willl probebly end up working. but I just did not think that put a person in a corner like that
I've been in this situation a few times; go to the party promptly at 3.30. Make sure you're seen and say hello to as many people as possible and a bit of polite conversation (partic. the bosses). Then, when the room begins to fill up and the lights go down a bit, slip quietly away...
That way, you avoid getting a 'killjoy' reputation, you are seen to have done your duty by attending and at least giving a least a nod towards the festivities.
You don't have to drink alcohol (if that's what's worrying you); you can always plead that you're driving later. And no-one will know there's no vodka in that glass of orange juice you're holding...
whichever you are getting paid for it......what is your problem....

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Forced to go to a office Christmas Party!!!!

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