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Light Energy

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procul | 15:54 Mon 07th Dec 2009 | Science
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Given that a human eye receives 'photons' of light energy to 'see'

and interpret a view in front of us - consider a room 10 foot x 10

foot x 8 foot high with no contents with a light cream coloured

slightly patterned wallpaper, lit by a normal single 100 watt

incandescent bulb hanging 1 foot down from the ceiling centre.

Approximately how many photons are being received by the eye per

second to be able to 'perceive' the room within the brain ?

Given that answer then how many photons of light energy exist within

the room each second ?

Further, assuming that the light bulb is emitting a constant stream

of photons, but the room is not growing lighter, then what happens

to all these photons when they alight upon the various surfaces -

walls, ceiling, clothes, face, eyes ?

What mass does a photon have, and has this been proved or is it a

theory or assumption or ??


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Light Energy

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