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gl556tr | 18:27 Mon 11th Nov 2019 | Science
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One big step? Or one small step?

So, Bristol has announced its intention to ban diesel-powered cars. But only after many more pedestrians *A*N*D* drivers have inhaled the toxic mixture of gases and nano-particles; as the decision will only be effective from 2021.


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Aye Bristol has gone to the dogs. An embarrassment to all living there. Authorities wanting to screw the people in order to look as if they're doing something and all they do is make a total mess of everything. Diesel vehicles will die out as new purchases reduce. Kicking today's owners is indefendable. People who choose to live in cities or other urban places know the situation. They can live elsewhere if concerned. Another example of the utter uselessness of mayors who inflict their hobby horses on all.
Right. So I live in Bristol and I need a plumber/carpenter/builder/some furniture delivered. Most of the people who operate in those spheres run diesel vehicles. What are they supposed to do? Load my new sideboard onto a bus?
Well they have some time to decide whether to change their vehicle. I would certainly welcome a ban here on the many ice cream vans which seem to leave their engines running for hours on the driveway as they presumably make their ice cream or keep the freezers running
I wonder whether the ban will cover diesel buses? Probably not but I wonder why.
Lets hope they never need a fire engine.
Bristol: Edinburgh but slightly warmer.

How do you turn relatively normal people into slavering fascists with the answer to everything?

Elect them.
2021 is not far away and these things take time. I think that is quick - lots of people and businesses are going have to make very expensive changes
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NJ, you need worry no more about your sideboard.

It CAN be transported in a non-compliant commercial vehicle within the affected area but there will be a charge to pay.

I know it's been more than a week since your query was raised but I'd not want you to be losing sleep over the matter.
So we screw our selves rigid, while most of the rest of the worlds polluting fervently.
Do you not want to improve air quality in the UK?
Corby, how will making the non-complaint vehicle pay a fine help the environment? All it will do is give more cash to the council and increase the cost of goods to the consumer, leaving them less cash to buy an electric car.
Some petrol commercial vehicles are compliant. If firms are driving into the restricted on a daily basis, they may think it more cost effective to change to a compliant vehicle rather than pay the charge.

Manufacturing vehicles has a HUGE negative environmental impact, so does scrapping them. It makes no sense to scrap a perfectly good vehicle (or engine) to replace it with another.
I will not drive in to any city that has this taxation, which means I won't shop in them, or use any of its recreational and leisure facilities.
High street shops are already struggling.

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