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NueVaaj | 22:44 Tue 29th Jan 2019 | Science
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A patient has been prescribed 0.0625 milligrams of Lanoxin. The bottle is labeled 0.05 milligrams per milliliter. How many milliliters will you administer to the patient? (Give your answer to 3 sig figs.) Please show work!


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0.0625/0.05= 1.25
That is already 3 sig figs.

Maybe it's not that simple- I know about numbers but not medicine.
1.25ml. 0.0625 divided by 0.05

625 divided by 5. 1.2t
yes FF has it( as usual )
I think they want
.05mg in 1 ml ( remembering to pay attention to weights and volumes)
.01mg in 1/5 ml = 0.2 ml
multiply each side by 6.25
so 0.0625mg in 0.2 x 6.25 or 1.25 ml

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Chemistry Dosage Question

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