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What's up with my knife?

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G-FUNK | 00:25 Wed 14th Sep 2005 | Science
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Why does the margarine not stick to my knife? It seems like there's some kind of opposite magnetic force, repelling the margarine away from my knife. My knife is not warm or anything so it's not that. Could it be something to do with my dishwasher? Could it be something to do with the knife getting "charged"?



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I'm not sure about the marg, but the hardness of the butter is always negatively correlated to the softness of the bread.
I've noticed this recently. since using a dishwasher rather than hand washing. do you use a dishwasher?
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Yes, it is so strange, the marg doesn't even leave a mark on my knife, as if just glides smoothly over it?!?!?!

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What's up with my knife?

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