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The Water Act 2003

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osh | 13:09 Thu 18th Aug 2005 | Science
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A bit of a long shot i know but-

does anyone on here know about the water act 2003 - I am just having to read it (for work not for fun) and it is almost uninteligable in parts.

does anyone know a website/publication that has written a review of the act (or put it into terms that actually make sense)




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A friend of mine runs this page:

A review should be on there.

If not, just ask. The editor would write a review for you. Just say redders sent you.


I'm running at B2B conference in central London on 11th October on The Water Act with speakers from Defra, EA, Ofwat.  Take a look at on the events page or come back to me on [email protected] and I'll send you a pdf of the leaflet.


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The Water Act 2003

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