Fly Me To The Moon? That'll Be $1.6Bn

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naomi24 | 23:55 Mon 10th Dec 2012 | Science
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Sorry, if you *could* afford it ....
Yes, definitely. I wouldn`t want to land though - just go around it a couple of times and then come back. Then again, my friend said she did that on magic mushrooms once so that would be the cheaper option.
£6900 per night for a suite in Claridges (BBC2 tonight) suddenly looks a steal - and I bet a damn site more comfortable.
I think so, but it seems very selfish. There have to be better ways to spend 1.6billion.
$1.6 billion actually seems quite cheap to me!

£1 billion to fly to the moon (and I assume back again!).
I'd rather use the money to spend a fortnight in the penthouse suite at Claridge's.
yes, no question
I think i'd feel too guilty at spending all that on a trip. Now if the government was paying :-)
Ah hell, Naomi. If I could afford it . . . I'd bring the Moon to you. :o)

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Fly Me To The Moon? That'll Be $1.6Bn

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