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Fire proofing for oven

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kobi | 18:37 Mon 29th Aug 2011 | Science
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Hey guys.

Just got an electric fan assisted oven (the type that use to be known as a pizza oven) designed to be fitted into the units. Cant afford to do this so I have to make a platform for it to rest on under the worktop.

Scared to put it directly onto a wooden surface incase it compromises the structure of the wood even though the heat generated is from an electrical source rather than an open flame. was thinking of putting a layer of ceramic tiles/red bricks/formica or something along those lines between the wood and the oven.

Will this be enough to protect the wood or do you have any other suggestions



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duplicate post, answers on this one http://www.theanswerb.../Question1052120.html

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Fire proofing for oven

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