Saga Prize Crossword - January 2011

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keyboardix | 23:08 Fri 07th Jan 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please will anyone help me to finish this very difficult crossword ? I need :--
9 Across - A bird is overhead, but no sort of dove... (4 letters, & I have ??i?).
12 Across - ....a songbird original fellow brought round in a container (8 letters & I have ??o?a?a?).
22 Across - Unshakable optimist's pain upon defeat (8 letters & I have ?a?g?o?s).
1 Down - Bacon's line given quick exposure (6 letters & all I have, is s?????).


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9, rhea (overhead - anag of dove)
22, pang loss
12, a mada vat (adam reversed)
12a] amadavat [weaverbird]
1d] streak
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Thank you for answering. I have 2 down wrong, which is "Maples for the"One Nation" (a little bit of Disraeli) - 9 letters and I cannot find a fitting word in any dictionary. I now have a?e?a?e?e.
ACERACEAE [family of trees including maple]

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Saga Prize Crossword - January 2011

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