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MM and KM Links December 2010 [Week 3]

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crofter | 20:02 Fri 17th Dec 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Read this posting carefully ~ it contains some important information.

Firstly, last week I short-changed Christiana in that when I credited her with two early hits (for FOUR POINTS). In fact, she had THREE early hits and should have had SIX POINTS added to her account. My only excuse is that grandson, Harry, dropped in with his father, Daniel, and caused havoc for the hour before I was due to post answers on AnswerBank. Needless to say I got distracted!


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Question Author
As a result, the top of the League Table at this point in time is as follows:
EIGHT POINTS: Christiana
SIX POINTS: lysander
FOUR POINTS: centrino, fordward, Grenmus, owllady & tearinghair
THREE POINTS: barb7771, Dinkypuzzled, evsajo, gen2, ladyalex & wickedtongue

We are about to begin Week [3] in the reign of King Ulysses II and if we look beyond this round, Week [4] is set to be launched on Saturday 25th December 2010 and Week [5] on Saturday 1st January 2911. Like many others, I have family commitments on both these dates so I intend to put MM Links on hold until a re-launch on Saturday 8th January (when we can still enjoy a four-week game in the New Year).
Question Author
I therefore look forward to King Ulysses II launching his third week on AB tomorrow at 08.45am and his next set of four words to be linked should be posted at 9.00am. That’s the usual time when the MM Links challenge kicks off in earnest. Remember ~ early MM hits gain bonus points! After I assess your entries at 7.00pm on Sunday, I shall officially close down MM Links for 2010 and declare the December Champion, who will open the January 2011 game on January 8th as the royal setter This will give us a two-week break to enjoy the festivities.

I have no idea what will be happening in the international version of our game which is called KM Links and kicks off at a very early hour (which is difficult to predict precisely). Consequently, the timing of your posting is deemed to be irrelevant ~ only the number of hits you are able to register. The regular organiser of KM Links comes all the way from Oz ( Roo-land) and is my good friend, “seekeerz”. She is truly the “Wizard-ess of Oz”. I suggest that you keep your wits about and play things by ear.

Until I see you tomorrow, may I wish you ~ “Happy Linking”!

I can understand that crofter - We love having our grandson (2 years) but he does cause havoc. But it's fun. :-)))
they say grandchildren are your reward for not killing your own children!!!
LOL Jan - I like that. :-)))
at this time of year I always remember the times i cancelled Christmas!
They always knew I was really angry then!
That sounds like a good solution, crofter.
I'm in a complete tizzy (is that a Yorkshire word?) at the moment. The family is due to arrive from California at Birmingham airport on Monday lunchtime. The BBC weather forecast is fluctuating every few hours; at 5 pm this evening it was giving a reasonable sort of prediction for the next few days, but when I logged on just now it's saying Saturday heavy snow, Sunday light snow, Monday snow showers. I don't think I can bear it if they don't get here...
There's an Extreme Weather Warning out for the shrubbery tonight - so winter draws on!
I think, crofter, under the circumstances we can cut you some slack!!

Enjoy two weeks of not having to fiddle with your abacus!
Aq, there is no possiblity of snow/frost etc in the Shrubbery - all Rosa has to do is breathe!
Very sensible Crofter...and quite right.

tearinghair, I do hope the weather stays okayish for them travelling.
You must be so excited!

The central heating went off here tonight...and there was panic, mayhem, cursing the lot!
I of course stayed very calm...and knew Reg would fix it when I guided him how to! :-)
All is restored now...nice and snug again.

There's a right draft here in this shrubbery though. Who left the door open?
Have a lovely Christmas Crofter and Val and enjoy little Harry. They are a joy at that age something new every time you see them.
Tearinghair, I do hope the family arrive on Monday for you. Have you done all the Christmas shopping?!!
Strix don't worry Rosa will soon arrive in the Shrubbery, so beware!!
Hey...just seen your post Strix....
I will breath over you first!
Hi Pauline, just beat me to it!!
Glad your all snug again.
I would have had to breath on myself! It was freezing!
Well I thought I'd done all the shopping, laneyB, but when i got back I discovered I'd forgotten at least a dozen vital items! So it's out again tomorrow, and then I can sit by the phone if necessary on Monday. I think they should make it to Paris with no problem but I'm not so sure about the final hop to Birmingham - and whether or not they'll be able to contact us before we're supposed to leave for the airport to meet them. Chuck in Technology has been very helpful suggesting how that might be arranged, but i hope it won't be necessary.

Sorry, I seem to have verbal diarrhoea this evening; put it down to stress!
Thats only natural your bound to be anxious. Lets hope the snow doesn't get any worse. I was hoping to see my son and his family tomorrow but if we have any more snow they won't be able to make it. Fingers crossed for you.
Fingers crossed rearinghair.
You will have to post on Monday and let us all know.
Sorry!!! Tearinghair!!
Hi Pauline. I rather like 'rearinghair' - sume me up fairly well at the moment!

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MM and KM Links December 2010 [Week 3]

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