Heage landmarks

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GIOBATE | 23:38 Tue 09th Nov 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Anyone recognise no's 108, 109, 118 please?


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108 Home of a children's authoress
109 was moved away from the Sussex cliff edge
118 Roof bosses redesigned by Blue Peter viewers after huge fire

Any hints pleas for 103, 105, 113

Thanks in advance
105, a scottish isle, 113, a west country reading centre. Any hints for 103, and pictures 51 and 58 please. Plus others but too many to list today. boogie2
Am I having a senior moment here? Famous5's numbers don't match up to the ones on my sheet. My pictures run from 96 to 125 which makes the lighthouse in Famous5's hint number 114. Help!!!!!!
pictures should go from 91 you havent got full sheet
Correct, Smurf. As the last character on p 3 is number 90, the first landmark on p4 is 91 (Church tower), with the last being 120 (outdoor swimming pool!)
My quiz sheet does not have questions 91 92 93 94 95 and the answer sheet goes up to 125. . Do we leave 91/5 empty or change the numbers on answer sheet and leave last 5 entries places blank?
You must not have got the full sheet 91-95 are the first row on the last sheet.
Thanks for the info. I have just noticed that my questions jump from 90 to 96. I really must learn to read things properly.
Chorley9, Thank you for your message, but can I ask please, do you then have pictures going up to no.125 or only 120? If you have pictures up to 125 how are the sheets going to be marked ?
I have just emailed the setter. She knows about the mistake and corrected it on later sheets and told me to just submit my answers as 1 -120. I will however add a note to my answer sheet just to be on the safe side.
Will adjust my numbers and also submit note to clarify why. Cheers. Julie

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Heage landmarks

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