MM Links Solutions October 2010 [Week 1]

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Strix | 19:01 Sun 03rd Oct 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Well I am very sorry about the fiasco on Saturday morning. Our very good friend Gen2 has enlightened me as to the reason why it all went DD cups upwards. It appears my intro was too long for dear old AB to cope. There is, apparently, a limit to how many words are permitted.

Gen2 has suggested, and I agreed, under the circumstances that all efforts contributed within 5 minutes of my words being posted would be eligible for 2 points each. Later than that and it was only 1 point.


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My selected words were:

acid RAIN
BLUE grass

This produced quite a bevy of correct answers. Gen2 has suggested, and I agree, that under the circumstances all efforts contributed within 5 minutes of my words being posted will be eligible for 2 points each. Later than that and it was back to 1 point.

First in there of the big hitters were Aquagility with BLUE GRASS and grannydi with BREAD BASKET and both of them with ACID RAIN.
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Now to select out of these two a HOT SHOT of the week is a little invidious but, I hope, Aq will agree with me that ladies come first and therefore with crofter’s usual fanfare of praise I declare Grannydi to be that HOT SHOT.
Question Author
This is the break-down of the points (I hope, but am prepared to be corrected!)

FOUR POINTS: Aquagility, grannydi

TWO POINTS: Tearinghair, centrino, owllady, evsajo, Wickedtongue, teacher1, roslyn251254, ulysses100 and cliffyg

ONE POINT: Jan1956, boxtops, barb7771, Mr Ont-ice, mirandasmum and Joto

I hope next week that the good ship MM Links is on a more even keel and has an uneventful launch at the more correct time!!

See you then, and thank you for your patience and forebearance.

Thanks strix
you are forgiven!!! (lol)
one point for me
can leave the freefall club at last
thank you strix, happy with my point!
I think Jan 1956 deserves 2 points for being the first to match DOVETAIL
I'll twist Strix' arm until he relents. lol

Apart from that I agree and thank you Strix for your sterling efforts under duress.

Congratulations to the point scorers.
I was afraid it would all be too subtle to fathom but 17 players scored 33 points between them, so a good result.

Until next week then - I#ll be watching you.
Thank you strix for the 'hot shot of the week'.
It probably won't help my October score as we are off to Spain tomorrow for 2 weeks and I will have to be able to find a wi-fi hotspot to compete.
Good luck everyone and thanks strix and gen2
Thanks Strix, and well done to all scorers.Not QUITE as left-field as I was expecting...!
Left Wing? possibly,
but Left Field? Never.
I know my place, so will remain in the Freefall Club ... after all I was a founder member, and it was most unlikely I would be able to relate to links provided by him from "The Remove"! ;O)

Cheers! (S)
Thanks Strix, and well done to all the point scorers. I'm in the Freefall club already!
Thanks Strix, I will be sailing another good ship for the next 2 weeks so won't be able to take part (not that I'd be likely to score).
Good luck everyone else.
Thank you Strix (and Gen2 for straightening him out!). I absolutely agree with your Hotshot choice, particularly as I think Bread Basket called for considerably more imagination than Blue Grass. So well done, Grannydi.
nowt 'ere then...
Thanks Strix.
I got some points !!!!!! Thanks Strix for your choice of words and congratulations to Hotshot Grannydi (and well done Aqua too)

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MM Links Solutions October 2010 [Week 1]

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