Mail on Suday Crossword Solutions 25 April 2010

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madsteve | 09:24 Sun 25th Apr 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning all

First of all; thanks to all of you who have shown your concern during my absence, I really appreciate it, I am ok but who knows what it around the corner.

Not being able to do the crosswords over the last weeks has mad my brain a little slow on the uptake, so I apologies firstly that it’s taken me so long to do them this week, and secondly if there are any mistakes.

I have managed to complete the crosswords as best as I can and for those who would like to check your answers against mine or if you are a little bit stuck I have completed and posted my answers to the Mail On Sunday Crosswords these can be found at my site;

I hope once again that this helps someone who needs them.



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welcome back,all best wishes
welcome back Steve,

get well, many thanks for all your help especially with the clues that send you a little crazy.
Question Author
Dr forgive me for asking but which do you think it is...

Pliosaurus or allosaurus
the question asks for a genus
Pliosaurus (meaning 'more lizard') is a genus of extinct marine reptile

so i think you are correct
I too have checked and rechecked and I find filtercore is correct.
a large, carnivorous dinosaur, of genus Allosaurus,

sorry steve going with Allosaurus
has anyone got any spare tippex
Question Author
Was it me or was it a bit of a . . . today
too many saurus's
33d is lully and 41a is Iyyar
pliosaurus or allosarus which is correct
there's only one way to find out f i g h t
good to see you back steve but why do you do it ?
Question Author
bob561941 ask me another I don't know, I use to like the brain excercise, but now I'm ok again and can do the crosswords it just seems like HARD WORK ;-(
Great to have you back - you have been missed.
steve you have finished the x words now you can get your picture up . lol
allosaurus or pliosaurus which is correct ?
theres only one way to find out f i g h t
good to see you back but why do you do it ?
Glad you're back MS. Best wishes for the future.
Thanks MS - I have missed you. I like to try to solve it first and then check my answers against yours.

I sincerely hope that you will continue to get better (Every day in every way and all that) xx
Hi MadSteve welcome back to AB. Like everyone else I have missed you too. Keep well.

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Mail on Suday Crossword Solutions 25 April 2010

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