Mail on Suday Crossword Solutions 25 April 2010

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madsteve | 09:24 Sun 25th Apr 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning all

First of all; thanks to all of you who have shown your concern during my absence, I really appreciate it, I am ok but who knows what it around the corner.

Not being able to do the crosswords over the last weeks has mad my brain a little slow on the uptake, so I apologies firstly that it’s taken me so long to do them this week, and secondly if there are any mistakes.

I have managed to complete the crosswords as best as I can and for those who would like to check your answers against mine or if you are a little bit stuck I have completed and posted my answers to the Mail On Sunday Crosswords these can be found at my site;

I hope once again that this helps someone who needs them.



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so good to see you back madsteve, a lot of us have been concerned for you. DV all will be well for you!
Hi Mad Steve, Glad you are back you've been sadly missed.
Question Author
Sorry All I uploaded my original scan...

This shows how out of practice I am.
Very Best Wishes to You
really nice to have you back you were well missed
great to see you back
Good to see you back, but could 41 across on the Prize Crossword be NISAN?
Good to have you back Steve, are you going to help yourself to an Avatar? Pleased you're ok now.
Pleased to see you back Steve. Take Care. Cas
Question Author
Thanks all

just retired have a look at this.

Welcome back Steve. Was really struggling with a few this morning until I spotted your post. Thanks again and keep well.
Glad you're back, good luck. 32a) I came up with Allosaurus which seemed to fit the description. Any thoughts?
allosaurus is correct. The composer 33 down is lulli, and the jewish month is sivan
Have just got round to checking your answers. Inclined to agree with Ginger Trixie and mjr with allosaurus, lulli (alt spelling) and sivan.
Welcome back Steve ,been missing you !
I thought Sivan was the months of May/June and therefore Iyyar was correct for April/May giving composer as Lully.
agree with chopstick

Iyar (sometines transliterated as Iyyar) is the eighth month of the civil year and the second month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar. Iyar has 29 days in it. In the Torah it is called Ziv. Iyar usually falls in April - May on the civil calendar.
Have rechecked and think original solutions of lully and lyyar are correct. Sorry to doubt you Steve, but still think allosaurus is the answer to 32a.

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Mail on Suday Crossword Solutions 25 April 2010

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