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BertieButton | 20:21 Sun 13th Dec 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Stuck on quite a few this weekend!
Sun Tel:-
1a Person who formulated law for King Edward,say(6) M?????
2d Shoots messengers(7) ??N?E?S
3d Notice good person in centre providing first aid for competitor(4,5) ??A? / S?A?T
Scotsman Factfinder:-
1d A swiftlet(Collocalia) that builds edible nests(9) S?L?N?A??
6d Old term for viands, dainties or delicacies(5) C?T?S
24d Cathedral city in Nicaragua with a uni founded in 1824 (4)
18a An air or look, manner,bearing(lit) (4) M???
25a Relating to spur or spur like projection, especially from the base of a petal(bot) (9) C?L?A?I??
Not sure if the letters for the Scotsman are right!!!
Thanks in advance.


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1a Murphy
2d ringers
3d head start
18a mien?
24d Leon?
6d cates
1d might be salangane?
25a calcarine
2d runners
Question Author
Thank you very much Roslyn and Oldred, I have now finished! HURRAH! Small malt now, me thinks!

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