MM Links November 2009 [Week 4]

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gen2 | 08:46 Sat 28th Nov 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Welcome to the fourth and final week of links set by me, King Krophta the Quizzical, otherwise known as crofter. I should be back from Tenerife by now, but in a state of absolutely exhaustion having slept in the sun by the pool every day. My holiday theme song tends to be “I’m busy doing nothing ~ Nothing the whole day through. Trying to find lots of things not to do!” Hopefully, gen2 will continue to act as locum as I settle back into a routine and return to duty for Sunday’s MM Assessment.

Although game playing has been an important part of my life, I do have a more serious side that needs to take over every now and then. However, the quicker I can slip back into humour, the better I feel. As an undergraduate, I was exposed to the Theory of Probability, which is the branch of Mathematics dealing with “Chance, Risk and Prediction” and had its origins in explaining the science of card playing. I was in my element and knew that I had found my niche.


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Both my degrees were obtained from Yorkshire universities, so it came as no surprise that I began lecturing in yet a third Yorkshire university. Over a university career lasting some 38 years, I began teaching mathematics students the Fundamentals of Statistical Theory in groups of 40 or so and ended up teaching medical students Statistical Analysis by Computer Package in groups of about 200 (give or take). Moving to medical applications was a natural step for me, as I quickly learned that many diseases were not well understood ~ and not attracting Grant Money (for a Mathematics Department) would not be likely to be studied. I decided that I would take on such studies as PhD projects ~ and if the research was not funded by external grants, then so be it!

Over the course of time, I published my findings in learned journals including Epidemiology, River Blindness in Africa, prognostic indicators for Severe Head Injuries, effectiveness of treatment of Genuine Stress Incontinence, assessing polychemotherapy in the treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Strategies for Post-operative Breast Reconstruction, Benign Multiple Sclerosis, and Effective Management of Domestic Violence. All of this had its humble beginnings in jigsaws in Belfast and playing cards on Rocky Island!
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Some six years ago I began to have problems controlling a pen. My writing was becoming small and illegible and my very occasional game of darts became erratic. I soon learned that my problems with writing was called “micrography” and was an early symptom of Parkinson’s Disease. I continued as Head of Mathematics and lecturing for another two years before taking early retirement. My condition has virtually stabilised over the last few years and is likely to remain so for a little while yet.

Personally, I blame Michael Parkinson. I watched all his TV chat shows! Had I stayed in Yorkshire too long? The early signs were there: I started to support Barnsley and, whenever I was speaking to an attractive young lady, I had the irresistible urge to place my hand on her knee! :o)

As for my last set of Link Words , I shall adhere to my own rule relating the word length in that each of my chosen link words contains at least four letters and at most eight. Stray outside this range and you will be wasting one or more of your attempts! Each of my selected words may go in front of or after my challenge word. The competition will officially close at 7.00pm on Sunday evening when I hope to declare my selected words and award points in the usual manner. My final set of words to be linked should appear below at 9.00am.
Wow....makes my life seem boring! There are some very interesting people on here....
As for the's got to be' Yorkshire' linked surely!
It's got to be add, subtract, multiply, divide!!! By the way Krophta ~ sometimes when I sneeze ........ :0)
What, Pauline?
while you're there Pauline, I read through the Shrubbery in the early hours. Hope all goes well.
Ditto Pauline
Question Author
I, King Krophta the Quizzical One, challenge you to predict my final set of words, based on my old chat-up line:

Trust me ~ I’m a Doctor!


Good luck everyone!
medicine CABINET
MEDICAL science
chat ROOM
medicine woman
rocket science
data bank
chat room
CHAT show
medicine ball
forensic science
data capture
Medicine ball
Data Stream
Back Chat
Triple Science
Medicine Ball
Science Fiction
Data Base
Chit Chat
Medicine chest
Rocket science
Data base
Stone chat
Medicine BALL
science LESSON
data BANK
chat SHOW
Oh no!

Medicine Bottle
Science Teacher
Data Base
Chat Room
medicine CHEST
science FICTION
data BANK
chat BACK
DATA handling
chit CHAT
Medicine cabinet
Science school
Data analysis
Chat show

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MM Links November 2009 [Week 4]

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