MM and KM Links November 2009 [Week 2]

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crofter | 19:00 Fri 13th Nov 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good Evening AB Linkers, everywhere!

I quite enjoyed last week, when I could get more involved in the MM Links Game. After three years of only keeping scores, it proved a pleasant change. This week will be my second round as setter and I’m hoping to keep up the flow of points! After looking after 9-month-old Harry for a 14-hour overnight stay last month, we were “asked” to look after him today and tomorrow ~ 28 hours in all! Who ever said that Grandparents are just unpaid baby sitters?

I can’t stay long as Harry is still quite active ~ and will be for another three hours! Suffice it to say that some of you need to gird up your loins a little higher and really try to engage in bloody battle. My posting should open at 8.45am and the four words to be linked should be declared at 9.00am tomorrow, when MM Links kicks off in earnest. Remember ~ early hits gain bonus points!


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Of course, it is also the second round in the international version of this same game which is called KM Links and kicks off at a very early hour (which is difficult to predict). Consequently, the timing of your posting is deemed to be irrelevant ~ only the number of hits you are able to register. The regular organiser of KM Links comes all the way from Oz and goes by the name of “seekeerz”. As I always say ~ “Why not chance your arm at both Link Games?” They both remain open for most of the weekend and all entries are scored and entered on to master scoreboards.

Until I see you tomorrow ~ “Happy Linking”!

Question Author
I was absolutely DELIGHTED to see the recent win on the Spectator Crossword by Joanna Ont-ice!

A few years ago, she hardly knew what a cryptic clue was. A superb result!
Good luck, crofter, I wish you well in your 28 hours of endurance. I am sure Harry will be a credit to his breeding and be quiet as a lamb but not so quiet as to worry you!

We look forward to seeing your clues in the morn.

Meanwhile, on this evil dated day, we have to look forward to those banshees of the Shrubbery this eve.

You're well out of it, crofter, as you grandchild-sit - believe me.
Good luck with the baby-sitting this evening Crofter (and with the launch tomorrow).

And Ont-Ice - WELL DONE. I missed the announcement of your win. May you have many more.

Hopefully I'll manage more than my zero last week on both games.

Thanks for the warning Strix, I'd better get out of this thread PDQ.
Good luck with the babysitting crofter - It'll be my turn next week, but at least it will be in his own home. :-)))
am taking my two grandchildren to the Library tomorrow to change their books,
bet they end up coming back to ours for the day
all god fun though
good luck with young Harry am sure you will be fine
Well let's hope Daniel has fun looking after his grandparents! :-)
Friday 13th...and nothing gone wrong yet...
Now where did Daniel come from??...Harry I meant!...whoops...sorry!
How many have you had so far Pauline!!!!!!!!
None yet Jan...not been in long!
I am going to see my Grandchildren tomorrow, and saw the eldest today, who videoed me all the time I was there!!!!
Don't think there is much chance of sensible conversation from PW tonight, not judging by her first post !!!!1
Have any of you got the wind ??????
I had mushy peas for tea Kay...but nothing yet! :-)
Have you finished packing Kay?
thought that was teachers problem, what with all the beans

we have rain but wind not too bad
1 Well done indeed, Ont-ice.
2 Best of luck, Crofter. Been there, done that, mine are grown-up now.
3 You Shrubarians, just behave yourselves, and don't be coming in late.
3 Me, I'm off to bed. G'night all. many have ypu had? Don't make the same mistake counting the sheep! :-)
OK, clever sox. But not so many that I can't spell three-letter words!
Pauline, have decided to have removals firm even though not got a lot to move. Am buying new stuff when I am in. They are coming Tues to give me a quote. Have started packing a bit !!!!!
whoops! was just testing you to see if you noticed! :-)
sounds like a very good idea Kay.

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MM and KM Links November 2009 [Week 2]

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