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baitress | 11:33 Sun 26th Apr 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning your ladyship.
Is there any truth in the rumour that a question is to be tabled in the House Of Commons regarding the legality of the Mad Over 50s Club?
or is it just a vicious canard put about by the deluded sane ones who are a bit miffed because they are not qualified to become fully paid up members?
Regards Roger


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please see the last 2 comments on last nights thread
Hello baitress
Sorry for such a late reply , but I have not been able to be around much today. (Have to keep the manor tidy and the peasants in order)
Yes, there was an objection to us 'having a good laugh at the expense of an old folks' club'...Sorry and all that, but that's what I thought we were.
There was also an objection to us existing on the Q&P section at all, with the suggestion that we move to Chatterbank.
However, after extensive consultation , I have decided to open the club up again next Saturday in the same place. As it was pointed out, if we change the venue, none of us will ever find it .
Perhaps we can co-opt you on to the committee to be the 'Objections Secretary ' ? You could compose appropriate replies to the killjoys....oops, sorry...people who complain about our existence.
By the way, I have scotched the Question in the House of Commons by calling in favours from my noble peers and the great Gordon himself. (An old school chum, you know).
See you next Saturday,
ladyalex :-))
(PS If you come on the committee you can call me alex!)
Oh Im unanimous in that alex:-)
I think it is an outrage that people should question whether we are legally mad or just mad. Who is saner then us? We know we are mad but they have not accepted it.

No one can be helped until they accept they have been brushed with the finger of madness. Seek and you will join if you can find your way and the door.
Please don't brush me with your finger, Crazycathy, I don't know where it's been.But other than that, you do talk sense.
Thanks for you unanimity, Chinadog, I'll keep it close for use in emergencies. Meanwhile you just use your initiative.
Well I think we should have a sit-in. If you move the club half the members won't be able to find it.

"We shall overcome....". All sing together.
Come on everyone, all join in:

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