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quizster | 22:36 Sat 14th Mar 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1. Town built by teetotal industrialist (8) ?

2. Famous for its three layered cliffs (10) ?

Both answers will be coastal towns/places somewhere in Britain. Any help appreciated.


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2 Hunstanton?
Is one definitely 8? On another website someone has it with 6 in the question and Welwyn as the answer.
Yes, 2 is definately Hunstanton.

And here is a picture of the cliffs nton_Cliffs.jpg

It may only look like 2 bands of colour, but there is a slightly darker red strand running between the white strand at the top and the orange at the bottom.
Stayed at Hunstanton a couple of years ago and it is a lovely victorian seaside town with some lovely old buildings.

It is on the North Norfolk coast, but Hunstanton is actually on the edge of the Wash, so faces WEST.

Their boast is that they are the only town on the East coast of England facing west.

And because the sun sets in the west you get GREAT views of the sun setting over the wash.

People actually come out of their houses at night at sit at the sea front just to watch the sun settings.

Here is an example 38784126LOknBM
Great VHG, I now have a picture of the sea at sunset at Hunstanton as my computer backdrop on start up.
Well if you fancy a trip to Hunstanton stay at this B&B.

The room on first floor where the big "bay" is looks out towards the sea and you can lie on your bed and watch the sun set from your bed.

Note I have no connection to Hunstanton nor the B&B, but I just thought the B&B was wonderful and enjoyed staying at Hunstanton, it has such a nice "old fashioned" feel to the place.

In fact the whole North Norfolk coast is an "undiscovered" jem, and long may it stay that way.
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Thanks for Hunstanton.

Yes, it is definitely 8 letters for the town built by teetotal industrialist. Saw the other answer, but Welwyn isn't on the coast so can't be the answer. Neither is Saltaire (another suggestion). Any other ideas ?

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