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Snowy Owl | 10:45 Thu 05th Mar 2009 | Quizzes & Puzzles
4 Answers
Any suggestions on this puzzle please.

Though it is not an ox, it has horns,
Though it is not a donkey, it has a pack saddle,
Wherever it goes it leaves silver behind.

Thanks in advance.


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Goat, methinks
Ag= silver
Goats have been used to carry items with a pack saddle, too.

Just an educated guess.

Warmest wishes, Bea :-)
A slug has horns and leaves "silver" behind. Not sure about the pack saddle bit though.

A snail might be better. Would a shell be counted as a pack saddle?
Squarebear is right, it is indeed a snail.
Question Author
Thanks all, I'll go with that.

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