KM Links Game - December week 2

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seekeerz | 05:51 Sat 13th Dec 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning all, I'm still recovering from the effects of a very strange experience - I actually got wet yesterday walking around without an umbrella !!! I mean, why on earth would you need an umbrella in a climate like ours, particularly in summer - of course, where was the dang thing when I needed it, well not with me, that's just for starters !!! I'm still amazed by the whole experience !!!

And just before we really get down to tin tacks - next weekend may [ I emphasise may [!!]] be a little off beat, unexpected, possibly right out in left field - Mr seekeerz, myself and the two holy terriers are off to Melbourne to spend Christmas with our daughter - now she has acquired a new computer with a whole lot of bells and whistles I know nothing about so if for some strange reason the thread makes no appearance about the usual time, please feel free to carry on without me and I'll try to catch up somewhere down the line - good luck !!

OK, the reason we're all here - well most of us anyway - is to try and match wits, brains, whatever...with Kate Mepham and her shaded words in this morning's Crossword - shortly one of the early risers will post those words along with their own selections, for all of us to add our own interpretations and boy, some of those need some explaining - one paticularly unusual one from last week - Mole Sauce !!! ???? Now my guess is that the 'mole' in this case isn't small grey and fond of digging up lawns, but a dish [?] of Mexican origin, though I do not know the contents, so I'd better go investigate while I/we await said 'early riser' ..... so I'll just toddle off for a bit and come back later S

Oh, just before I go, Good Luck everyone if I'm still stuck down a mole hole when the fun starts


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Early riser
Crossword done
Angel Fish
Rump Steak
Rugby League
Village Green
Good morning and thank you seekeerz and cliffyg...that is early!

Minute Steak
Sword Fish
Rugby Union

Rugby Union
Fish finger
Emerald green
Steak tartare(tartar)

Good Luck
Question Author
Many thanks, cliffyg - I'll try

Steak Knives
Tropical Fish
Green Card
League Table
Question Author

I'm getting my wires crossed - blame it on the rain

Rugby College
'Morning all.

Steak knife
Fish bone
Village green
Rugby union
Stewing Steak
Fish Knife
Olive Green
Rugby Scrum
RIBEYE steak
rugby SEVENS
Morning all,
Sirloin Steak
Star Fish
Village Green
Rugby League
T-bone steak
angel fish
green apple
rugby score
Sirlion Steak
Flying Fish
Green Land
Rugby Union
Morning all.Home again to the cold and the rain.Thank you seekeerz and cliffyg.Here we go

STEAK knife
FISH tank
GREEN fingers
RUGBY shirt

Back to the washing and the ironing.
Change 'Sirlion' toSirloin' please.
steak knife
gold fish
green giant
touch rugby
FILLET steak
fish SLICE
green HOUSE
rugby BALL
morning, raining here at the moment too steff, our rain is cold though!

Minute Steak
Fish Restaurant
Green House
Rugby Scrum

T-BONE steak
ANGEL fish
I'll have a go with:-

rugby LEAGUE
morning seekeerz if you think it is wet where you are you should be here to get the real thing.
By the way mole sauce has chocolate in it.
Here goes:

rugby JERSEY

Enjoy a PROPER computer next weekend!! :0)

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KM Links Game - December week 2

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