Herb ,spice or sauce. Local quiz.

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thedogwalker | 20:07 Fri 12th Dec 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The answers are either HERBS, SPICES or SAUCES.

1. A trap but a "berry" nice one. 7 letters.
2. A mind at rest in here somewhere. 8 letters.
3. Woman in red's top brass mate in this board game. 7 letters.
4. Popular enquiry from fast food vender ( this is the way they have spelt vendor?) 4-1-7 letters.
5. Very hot and not many for a headache. 8 letters.

Try your best Lie-in-King. Thank you.


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2. tamarind
Question Author
Thank you Aeronut.
1. ginsana gin (Trap)+a +n+a
5 feverfew
5. Feverfew
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4 salt n vinegar?
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Thank you.

Mamyalynne and auntflo

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Herb ,spice or sauce. Local quiz.

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