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MM & KM Links September [Week 4]

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crofter | 20:01 Fri 26th Sep 2008 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Yet another month has sped by on life's roller coaster. Tomorrow I will have finished removing the Artex from the ceiling and can start the process of renovation beginning with papering the ceiling ~ That's always worth a laugh or two!

This evening, Mrs Crofter (aka Valerie) is having a Girl's Night out starting with a slap-up meal followed by drinkies. No doubt it will end up like last time when the Cuckoo Clock took the blame (see below!)

Tomorrow morning brings the start of Round 4 in the Reign of King Wickedtongue and (I hope) a challenging set of words to get the grey matter moving. Once again I think the points will flow readily as the Dawn Patrol take up the challenge with great gusto when the MM Links Game opens at 08.45 and the chosen words to be linked declared at 09.00 tomorrow morning. If you are an early riser, you may like to also chance your arm with the sister game (called KM Links) which will be nearly two hours old by the MM launch time! These games are kept open for a couple of days to register your predictions.

Me? I'm crofter keeper of the scores for MM Links! Who will claim the coveted prize as Links Champion for September 2008? Why don't you tune in and find out!

Good Luck to you all!



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twix...Seen that before!..very good!

Will have to go up soon..daughter is working in the morning...and she always says..and does ....get herself up...but I have to make sure!!!

Enjoy the rest of your evening!!...thanks for your company...I think all the others are asleep...except Valerie!! :-))
Goodnight Pauline.....sleep tight and let's hope that the cuckoos don't make too much noise and wake the sleepyheads up!!!!
Goodnight twix...and ...........GOODNIGHT CROFTER!!!! CUCKOO!
Question Author
Thanks for all the comments!

You're all cuckoo!!

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MM & KM Links September [Week 4]

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