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mjganswers | 21:35 Thu 06th Dec 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone help me please.

??b?i?e that's where I found her

Thanks in anticipation


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Have you got anything else for us to go on? Is there a theme to this quiz? or is it a crossword? What is the clue that would give us the first letter of your word?

website is a possibility.
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It is quiz that goes back years. It is made by an enthusiast to raise money for a different charity each year.

Overall there are 150 words to find. A sentence is given usuall divided into two lines and below each line is given three possible words to find. In the above I had the first two words and this was the last _ _ b _ i _ e and the remaining part of the sentence was ".... that's where I found her.

I can send you a PDF version of the whole quiz if you give an email address, although I understand if you do not wish to.

Certainly the answer you gave is a possibility. The solutions do need a warped mind at times.

Thanks - I'd very much like to have a look at it. It sounds a bit like the Christmas Puzzle set each year by Gordon Gray. This year's puzzle will be ready to download tomorrow. I've only done it for the last 2 years, but they are quite difficult. I think he told me he had more than 3000 downloads last year, but less than 20 all correct sheets.

My e-mail address is [email protected]

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