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topaz1971 | 02:33 Sun 18th Nov 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The initials and numbers all correspond to well known phrases, items or places.
1ap2ap,HCB = 1 a penny 2 a penny Hot Cross Buns

12dDoC = 12 days of christmas
A41&14A = all for 1 and 1 for all
1FotCN = 1 flew over the cuckoos nest
1WT = 1 way ticket
9CL = 9 cats lives
8PiaG = 8 pints in a gallon
1oTD = one of these days
11PiaHt = 11 players in a hockey teams
28DiaLM = 28 days in a lunar month
6=hAd = 6 = half a dozen
2240PiaT = 2240 pounds in a ton
IS3SCSI = I saw three ships come sailin in
18HoaGC = 18 holes on a golf course
20NoaDB = 20 numbers on a dartboard
10DS = 10 downing street
ASITS9 = a stitch in time saves nine
2CbTaC = two's company but three's a crowd
ABaH40T = Ali Baba and his 40 theives
1A=AFD = 1st April = april fools day
1FtP = one for the pot
2SteS = two sides to every story
21=KotD = 21 = key of the door
1SDMAS = one swallow doesnt make a summer
SOSNSBSB = something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue
PCBAF = pride comes before a fall
49BitNL = 49 balls in the national lottery
R2NW = Road to no where
SWALK = sealed with a loving kiss

Anyone got any ideas on the last one please?



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You are a star tytyty i've stumped on that one for a week

many thanks x

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