Hammond Property Services - The 2021 Charity Quiz Is Now Out!

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chairmanhh | 15:58 Thu 02nd Sep 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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It’s that time of the year again, already…!

With the support of many of you during 2020, our Buildings & Architecture Quiz raised £3,712 for the Nottinghamshire Branch of ChildLine, to help with the work that they do for many vulnerable children – well done to you all.

Now… this is it… what you have all be waiting for… something for the weekend and the next weekend AND the next weekend? (and Half Term and the Christmas period with the family... !!!)

For your own copy of the 2021 Quiz simply click on

and then click the Quiz image.

I hope you enjoy.... it should get into your head by Sunday evening! Have a good read through the bits below to understand what's what and please feel free to forward to friends and family who may also enjoy a devilish Quiz.

I thought that you may wish to enter our latest ‘brain buster’ to tax those grey matter cells!!!

As with our previous Quizzes, all of the answers are on the last page!, ……but not in the
correct order….. you just need to be able to work out how the ‘clever’ clues can give you a word relating to a Television or Radio Programme (Past & Present)... and you can now make your entry donation go a little further by completing the Gift Aid form that is attached to this year’s Quiz.

The Quiz is set to last throughout the winter months and over the Christmas period. It will be ideal to bring out with family and friends once all the turkey has been eaten and the conversation is ‘running dry’! Many entries received last year were from those who took the Quiz with them on holidays over October Half Term and the New Year! - hence numerous entries from all over the World… many with sand, Cranberry Sauce or Sangria stains!

All of the answers are on page four .....just tick them off as you work them out BUT, be careful, as with all of my Quizzes..... look out for the catches!!!

If you require an original copy, either give me a call on (01949) 87 86 85 or e-mail me
[email protected]
As with previous years, my Annual Quiz raises funds for the Nottingham Branch of ChildLine
Although ChildLine is a national organisation, each branch operates on a regional basis, so any local support they receive is invaluable. The ChildLine counselling centre in Nottingham provides a unique and confidential service to scared and vulnerable callers in East Midlands and East Anglia, making it a truly local charity to support.

To date ChildLine has helped nearly two million children, saved children’s lives, brought abusers to justice and found refuge for children in danger on the streets.

However, ChildLine has never had the resources to answer every call. At present approx. 4,500 children a day call for help, but due to a lack of funds it's only possible to answer around 2,500 of these, meaning that 2000 children a day continue to suffer alone in silence. £3,712 raised last year from our simple little quiz!!!
just to give you a helping hand with the Quiz. ……
Roman Numerals: 1 = I 5 = V 10 = X 50 = L
100 = C 500 = D
1000 = M
AND... a final helping hand.....

Try and find a list of Chemical Symbols / Abbreviations for Countries and American States
Best of luck with your entry – I hope it keeps you busy AND entertained!

Jonathan Hammond

Principal & Valuer

HAMMOND Property Services
11 Market Place
NG13 8AR

Established for 33 years - specialising in Sales, Lettings, Auctions, Mortgages....and, of course, Charity Quizzes!

[email protected]



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Added to the monthly round up.

Looking forward to this.
I have just printed mine.

Thank you, Jonathan. I love your quizzes and wish you well with further fundraising.
Question Author
Thank you both for your speedy comments. I hope you do enjoy the frustration! Please feel free to forward to anyone else you know may be interested. Thanks again. JH
The word will spread very quickly, always a popular quiz - frustrating yes but so much fun too.
I don't watch much tele but I'll give it a go. :-)

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Hammond Property Services - The 2021 Charity Quiz Is Now Out!

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