quiz on a musical theme

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jill53 | 21:46 Mon 29th Oct 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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missing words are all "musical" terminology,musical artists or song titles.
his quick tempered ---------y(8) wife said to him.
however ,--------(8) is producing some sweet sounds.
after a half hour rehearsing they decided to have a -----al (5)break for a drink

Thank you for any help, Jill


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To dinkypuzzled, thank you very much for your help , are you doing this quiz ? i still have some i just cannot get (probably me being dim ) and it is due in by the5th nov, would you mind if i asked some more ? i don't want to upset anyone by doing so . regards Jill
I've got some very odd answers - lol
Question Author
Hi smouse, what have you got dulcimar the answer for ?
anything i can help with even though i still have about seven left to get !!!
... producing some sweet sounds
have presumed its a girls name

Dont worry about helping me I'll just sent it off to see what answers were - found it a bit weird

Can I help you?
Question Author
Hi smouse, that seems as good an answer as any lol
i agree its a bit of a strange one , if you have any other answers i might as well put them in , it will be interesting to find out what the answers are when we get them back.ok here goes.
so turning up his collar and tucking the-----(5)------(6)under his arm he strode on at a --------(8) pace.
fingers on his conductors------(6) (the mind boggles lol)
his------(6)words did the -----(5).
Joe to think you were so----(4) Regards Jill
conductors podium
dulcet words
did the works??

so viol

First few are too silly to share - lol
Question Author
Thank you smouse for your valued help and wit!!
i give up now and will send it in as it is and wait with baited breath for the answers lol

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quiz on a musical theme

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