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Quizzes & Puzzles Round Up October 2015

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ABAuntie | 11:26 Thu 01st Oct 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
24 Answers
Dear All,

Here is the October edition of Quizzes and Puzzles round up. If you have a new charity quiz feel free to add it to the thread and we will include it in later editions.

Please remember it is vital that you add contact details ie email or postal address, the closing date, the cost, where the quiz funds will be going and the theme of the quiz,thanks.

If you have already added it to AB you can just post the link to the question.

Please could you post one quiz per answer to avoid confusion, thank you.

If you are asking for help with a quiz, please can you ensure to include the quiz title and closing date.

Happy Quizzing!

1. New Quiz, 100 assorted questions - How Does Your Garden Grow quiz, in aid of the Agincourt 600th anniversary celebrations in Erpingham, Norfolk, closing date 10th October, 2015.

2. Characters in Musicals Quiz, 25 cryptic questions, in aid of The Gladstone Court Knit & Natter Perth charity projects, closing date 8th October, 2015.

3. DOUBLE LETTERS J - M Quiz, in aid of MAGPAS, closing date 17th October, 2015.

4. Nursery Rhyme Characters Quiz, 30 questions with a clue to the character, in aid of Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool, closing date 20th October, 2015.

5. Weather Songs Quiz, 30 Song Titles - all answers weather related, in aid of Treetops Hospice (Regd Charity No. 519540), closing date 23rd October, 2015.

6. Blesma Quiz, all answers are place names in Great Britain, additional info here, in aid of Blesma (formerly known as British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association), closing date 31st October, 2015.

7. New Quiz, 75 varied clues, in aid of the Friends of Rufford Old Hall, closing date 31st October, 2015.

8. Television Quiz, cryptic clues, in aid of Shelterbox Charity, closing date 31st October, 2015.

9. Sports Quiz, 50 questions, in aid of Capel le Ferne Village hall, closing date 6th November, 2015.

10. What’s in a name? Quiz, raising money for Water Aid, closing date 14th November, 2015.

11. Musical Movies Quiz, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, closing date 30th November, 2015.

12. New Quiz, 90 varied clues, to raise funds for Sibsey Bowls Club, closing date 30th November, 2015.

13. New Quiz, The quiz theme is centered around the RBL & Armed Forces, in aid of The Royal British Legion - Chatteris Branch, closing date 30th November, 2015.

14. Christmas Quiz, 27 questions 4 sections linkwords, anagrams, initials, 2 words beginning with C, in aid of St Columba's Church, closing date 5th December, 2015.

15. Autumn Quiz, 60 mixed clues, in aid of the Romanian Aid Foundation. (, closing date 9th December, 2015.

16. Gemstones And Adornments Quiz, 50 clues, in aid of Supporters of Southgates Medical (SOSMC), closing date 11th December, 2015.

17. Sports Quiz, in aid of RAP Foundation., closing date 13th December, 2015.

18. Pen and Ink Quiz, in aid of Rushden Childrens Society, closing date 31st December, 2015.

19. On The Cards Quiz, in aid of Cats Protection (Moray Branch), closing date 31st December, 2015.

20. New Quiz no 10, 60 varied clues, update here, in aid of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, closing date 31st December, 2015.

21. Relatively Speaking Quiz, New Pink Quiz 2015, raising funds for Breast Cancer Research at Lincoln Hospital, closing date 31st January, 2016.

22. Picture Quiz, Various pictures to be named, rasing money for Cystic Fibrosis Trust (Fakenham Group), closing date 1st February, 2016.

23. New LC Quiz, in aid of Friockheim BC, closing date 6th February, 2016.


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Radcliffe Animal Shelter Quiz; 30 gen. (and not so general) knowledge questions plus 30 pictures to identify, all relating to either monkeys or marsupials. Quiz costs £1 - cheque made payable to J. Gibbons or cash secured inside envelope to 53 Byron Rd, West Bridgford, Nottm. NG2 6DY, or email [email protected]. £10 prize plus £5 spot prize. Closing date 4th January 2016.
Radcliffe Animal Shelter Creatures Quiz No. 8; 30 interesting and sometimes obscure facts about creatures of all kinds. Costs £1, SAE with cheque to J. Gibbons or cash secured inside envelope to 53 Byron Rd, West Bridgford, Nottm. NG2 6DY or email [email protected]. £10 prize. Closing date 4th January 2016. If you would also like my other quiz for the RAS, both payments etc. can be combined - no need for separate requests.
Higham Ferrers Save the Children Quiz 50 questions in 5 sections. Closing date January 10th2016. Send SAE and £! to 3 Duchy Close Higham Ferrers NN10 8BZ or email [email protected]. 3 cash prizes 1st prize £25
Wisbech SAVE THE CHILDREN Quiz 100 Towns or Cities £1cheuque to Save the Children and SAE to Ms M Spinks 29 Tinkers Drove WISBECH PE13 3PQ Closing date Nov 23rd 2015
St Mary's Church Rushden Mission Fund Quiz. £1 made out to Susan Perkins plus SAE to 3 Duchy Close Higham Ferrers NN10 8BZ 50 Questions in 5 sections. 3 cash prizes. Closing date 31/12/15
New quiz. Joining Words. Closing date 10th Dec 2015. Gladstone Court Knit & Natter in aid of funding for our charity projects. £10 shopping voucher. NB. change of email address since last quiz. Email is now [email protected] Winner of Characters in Musicals was Mrs A Smith, Tregaron. Answers are as follows..1.Oliver, 2.Lion King, 3.Cats, 4.Phantom of the Opera, 5.Les Miserable, 6.Sweeney Todd, 7.South Pacific, 8.Oklahoma, 9.The Producers, 10.Wicked, 11.Chorus Line, 12.Jesus Christ Superstar, 13.Evita, 14.Sound of Music, 15.Hello Dolly, 16.Chicago, 17.Billy Elliot, 18.Man of La Mancha, 19.Camelot, 20.Gypsy, 21.Fantasticks, 22.Hair, 23.42nd Street, 24.Bar Mitzvah Boy, 25. Cabaret.
Quiz is 50p each. My address for anyone not on email is 8a Myrtle Rd. Scone PH2 6QY. Cheques made payable to Gladstone Court Knit & Natter. We now have a Facebook page. Please feel free to like and share, thank you.
New one from Rhodes Minnis. From Mrs Daphne Andrews. 31 Bedingfield way, Lyminge,Folkestone, Kent CT18 8JH. £1 per copy. Closing date Nov 30.
Cheques payable to Rhodes Minnis Methodist Church please.
"Shops-Past and Present" Quiz in aid of St George's Church, Dumfries "Be Part of it" fundraising campaign. Cost=£1
Please send SAE to Joyce Reekie, 23 Gloucester Avenue, Dumfries, DG2 9HT. Closing date 30th November 2015.
The 2015 Hammond Property Services's Now Available....

The easiest ? (!) Quiz you will ever do

"All at Number 1 QUIZ for 2015"

I thought that you may wish to enter our latest ‘brain buster’ to tax those grey matter cells!!! As with our previous Quizzes, all of the answers that you need are on the last page!, ……… just need to be able to work out how the ‘clever’ clues can give you the answer of a song that has been at Number 1 in the Charts.

The Quiz is set to last throughout the winter months and over the Christmas period. It will be ideal to bring out with family and friends once all the Turkey has been eaten and the conversation is ‘running dry’! Many entries received last year were from those who took the Quiz with them on holidays over Half Term and New Year! - hence numerous entries from all over England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Eire, 5 from the States, France, Germany, The USA, New Zealand, Turkey, Cyprus & Patagonia!!!!

If you wish to enter the Quiz, simply visit our website, click on the Quiz Link and then print off the 4 pdf pages you will need (which include the answers - just not in the correct order!)

If you require an original copy, email me at the address below – or you can print off more copies from our Website. All entries on sheets printed from our Website are valid......…..and it is still free to enter!

However, (if you have really enjoyed it!) those wishing to make donation of £1 or £2 to the Nottingham Branch of ChildLine may do so using the small box on the last page of the Quiz.

Although ChildLine is a national organisation, each branch operates on a regional basis, so any local support they receive is invaluable. The ChildLine counselling centre in Nottingham provides a unique and confidential service to scared and vulnerable callers in East Midlands and East Anglia, making it a truly local charity to support.
To date ChildLine has helped nearly two million children, saved children’s lives, brought abusers to justice and found refuge for children in danger on the streets.

However, ChildLine has never had the resources to answer every call. At present approx. 4,500 children a day call for help, but due to a lack of funds it's only possible to answer around 2,500 of these, meaning that 2000 children a day continue to suffer alone in silence.



just to give you a helping hand with the Quiz. ……

Roman Numerals: 1 = I 5 = V 10 = X 50 = L
100 = C 500 = D
1000 = M

AND... a final helping hand.....

Try and find a list of Chemical Symbols / Abbreviations!

Best of luck with your entry – I hope it keeps you busy AND entertained!

Kind regards


Jonathan Hammond
Hammond Property Services

[email protected]

11 Market Place
NG13 8AR
Quiz answers all include the letters CAT. £1 with a £10 prize- raising money for Cavendish Cancer Care. Closing date 30th November 2015. Available via email to [email protected]
St Oswald's Church -' United States Quiz' raised £92.00 Thank you to all who took part and continue to support the fundraising. The winners were Jenny Hadingham, Mrs V Carroll and Charles Crosbie.
Answers available from [email protected]
St Oswald's Church, Crowle NEW Quiz 'No Place Like Home'
All answers are 'somewhere to live.' CD January 6th 2016
Available from [email protected] or 111A Westgate, Belton DN9 1PY
£1.00 coin or cheque payable to St Oswald's Church Crowle PCC when you send in quiz. Plus a SAE if you'd like your entry returned. Answers will be e-mailed to all who provide addresses.

We would like to thank all of you who bought the quiz - you raised £440 for a fund to provide
toilets in Erpingham Parish Church, which is greatly appreciated. We have three winners who
got all the answers correct: Christine Greenland, Trunch; Sue McMillan and John Mack, West
Wickham, Bromley. We thought it would be fair to ask them to share the prize, and they have
all very generously donated it back to the charity. Congratulations, and thank you!
Many thanks to our friends at home and abroad who helped us sell it, online quiz sites, and also
our regular stockists:
couldn’t do it without your help.
1. Made famous by Adam and Frankie! GARDEN OF EDEN
2. Brand new? MINT
3. Hard-working queen? BUSY LIZZIE
4. Tandem partner? DAISY
5. Coin found by the seaside! COPPER BEECH
6. Gnaw in anxiety? (chew lip) TULIP
7. The French seller! LAVENDER
8. Eight doin’ it! ROWAN
9. A stiff one! SLUG
10. Nearly five of them! QUINCE
11. Strictly formal flower! PRIMROSE
12. Prevaricate! HEDGE
13. Country where they don’t walk! CARNATION
14. Modern communications tool? BLACKBERRY
15. Ladies of common parentage! CISTUS
16. Dee or Tay, e.g.! FLOWER OF SCOTLAND
17. Warm girl up? HEATHER
18. Where to wait for a haircut! BARBECUE
19. Pledged? (pawned) POND
20. Sun flowers! (song) PAPER ROSES
21. Brummie’s sibling! ORCHID
22. Very well liked? POPLAR
23. Pinch the fruit! GOOSEBERRY
24. Does the black bird swear? CROCUS
25. Conceal senior scout? HYDRANGEA
26. Spectator at a dance? WALLFLOWER
27. Almost a famous sailor! (Popeye) POPPY
28. Poke fun at Jaffa? MOCK ORANGE
29. Howl! BAY
30. Wed for money? MARIGOLD
31. Make you cold! FREESIFREESIA
32. Got cash? ANEMONE
33. Babycham and shellfish! PERIWINKLE
34. Hardy friend! LAUREL
35. Scottish square sausage! (Lorne) LAWN
36. Comic feline? (Dandy) DANDELION
37. Vegetable on joint! PEONY
38. Quite secluded with 12! PRIVET
39. Did you pinch the girl? JUNIPER
40. Inexperienced, though sly! GREENFLY
41. A hundred itchy spots! CHIVES
42. Donkey enclosure? ASPEN
43. Paper face! SUNDIAL
44. Pleased I’m not so much in debt! GLADIOLUS
45. River of blood? REDCURRANT
46. One following favourite college? (pet, uni, a) PETUNIA
48. Five hundred sick! DILL
49. Candour? HONESTY
50. Worn by biker? LEATHERJACKET
Our next quiz will go on sale in January, 2016, and run through until Easter. If you would like a
copy for the Christmas holiday period, I will be happy to send you one in mid-December. If you
would like to reserve a copy, please send £1.50 to:
NR11 7QB
It is essential to enclose either an email address or s.a.e.
by paying £1.50 into the PayPal account associated with our email address - it’s cheaper
than postage, and makes a little more for the charity. It would be helpful if you didn’t send
cash in the post, as it is not guaranteed to arrive safely.
If you have any queries, or think that you can help with selling, please contact us at:
[email protected]
Don’t get in a state.

Quiz in aid of Eden Breast Care Unit. 50 mixed questions. All answers are a US state capital or contain one as part of the answer.

Closing date 30 November 2015. Minimum £1 donation per entry.

Available from S Smith 62 Housesteads Road, Carlisle, CA2 7XG or by email from [email protected]

Everyone who took part in the previous quiz- A proper Charlie- should have received the answers and new quiz by email today. Apologies if you haven’t. I’ve changed email address and hope that I haven’t accidentally ‘lost’ people in the move.
This winter's 'Orange Quiz Sheet' from the Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link. 70 cryptic questions on the theme of EDUCATION, from pre-school to university. [E.g: Befuddled loser carts hooch (playing "Roll Out the Barrel"?) (6,9)] Closing date 29th Jan 2016. Send £1 to Secretary, HSLFL, Oaklands, Rock Lane, Hastings TN35 4NY. Modest money prizes, then everything to support the health centre in Hastings, struggling to recover from the Ebola epidemic.
MAGPAS Christmas Quiz available now
There are 75 questions all with a festive theme...
£10 Prize - cut off date 15th January 2015
Should you lke a copy, please send donation
and request your copy via email from
[email protected] - MARK IT CHRISTMAS 2015
send SAE and donation to Diane Wakeling 3 Lark Rise, Hardwick, Cambridge CB23 7XZ - MARK IT CHRISTMAS 2015.
Thanks for your support
DOUBLE 'P' quiz in aid of M.A.G.P.A.S.
100 questions requiring 2 word answer both words begin with letter 'P'.
Cut off date 15th Jan 2016. £10 prize - £5 random prize
Send donation via and request your copy via email from [email protected] MARK IT DOUBLE LETTER 'P'
or send SAE and donation to Diane Wakeling 3 Lark Rise, Hardwick, Cambridge CB23 7XZ MARK IT DOUBLE LETTER'P' please.
Chatteris Community Group Quiz "Entertainers" price £1 plus sae prize £10 voucher closing date 31 Dec 2015. From J Oakey 58 Westbourne Road Chatteris Cambs PE16 6HQ. 40 clues to types of entertainer. Money goes to our medical loan scheme. All support welcomed.
Is the Chatteris Community Group Quiz "Entertainers" available by email ?
Results of Nairn Hydrotherapy Nursery Rhyme Characters Quiz
213 enries were received, 74 were all correct.
The winner drawn by the Physiotherapist was Mrs J Bucknall, Hedon, East Yorks.
£266 was raised with which we are delighted.
Thank you to everyone who supported and helped raise this amount.

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